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BERGFEX: Cross-country skiing Tragöß - Grüner See: Cross-country skiing Tragöß - Grüner See


Cross-country skiing Tragöß - Grüner See


Tragöß - Grüner See

Loipenplan Tragöß - Grüner See
Cross-country ski-runs Today, 08:37
Today, 08:37
14 km
14 km
Freitag 18. Jänner - Minus 1 Grad , leichter Schneefall, Wind
every day

The countryside that lies embedded at the top of the valley at the foot of the Hochschwab (also known as the "Gamsgebirge" ("Chamois Mountain") in Styrian, because so many of the animals live here) is almost untouched. This is a great place to create your own winter wonderland while go along one of the three trails, which have a total length of 12.3 kilometres. Situated at 700 - 800 metres above sea level, all the trails are perfectly maintained and prepared for skating-style as well as "classic" cross-country skiers. Every level of ability is catered for. And if the skies do simply "refuse", a snow machine still guarantees perfect conditions. If you have forgotten anything there is a hire centre right next to the trail access point by the Tourist Information Office. And another thing: in the evenings there are 24 "Wilde Wirten" landlords in Tragöß. Their speciality: no question - game. The cross-country skiing trail goes right past one of them, the "Schiffskoch". It's as if it were an invitation card ...


Preise Saison 2018/2019
Tageskarte ohne Leihausrüstung: EW: 6,-- Kinder 3,50
Preise mit Gästekarte: EW: 5,-- Kinder 3,--
Leihausrüstung: EW 12,-- Kinder 6,-
Saisonkarte: EW: 60,- Familienkarte: € 95,- (die Familienkarte gilt für 2 Erwachsene und Kinder bis 16 Jahren)

Stopping possibilities

direkt beim TV wo sich auch die Loipenhütte befindet ist ein kleines Stüberl, wo man warme und kalte Getränke sowie einen kleinen Imbiss erhält. Im Ort selbst (ca. 5 Gehmin. vom TV-Büro) befinden sich meherer gutbürgerliche Gasthöfe.

Current cross-country ski run info

Cross-country ski-runs Overview
3 classic cross-country ski-runs 14 km
  Klassische Loipe sowie Skatingloipe verlaufen durch malerische Waldlandschaft "Waldloipe 4,5 km", über das Schneebauer "Panoramaloipe 3,5 km"(mittel-schwierig) und am Talboden "Wiesenloipe 6,5 km"entlang.
3 Skating courses 14 km
1 High cross-country skiing 3.5 km
Rating 2.6
10 Ratings
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TV Tragöß - Grüner See

Oberort 88, A-8612 Tragöß - St. Katharein
+43 (0)3868 8330
+43 (0)3868 8340

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