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Grächen - St. Niklaus

1.617 - 2.868m
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Grächen - St. Niklaus

1.617 - 2.868m

Grächen – a summer’s fairy tale – season opening, 22/23 June 2019

The holiday destination of Grächen is situated on a picturesque sun terrace 1,600 metres above sea level. This mountain village in the Matter Valley with a population of 1,300 is entirely devoted to families spanning three generations and offers a lively and varied program for the whole family.

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Grächen - St. Niklaus

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Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourismus
Dorfplatz, CH-3925 Grächen

+41 (0)27 955 60 60

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Locations Mattertal
Mountain railways Summer operation
  • Grächen
    22.06.2019 - 20.10.2019 (1 Lift)
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