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Summer in the Heidadorf

Summer in Visperterminen does not only consist of a large network of hiking trails. No, the Heidi village has much more to offer. Let us surprise you and take advantage of our offers!

Visperterminen offers:

  • a well-marked network of hiking trails (120 km)
  • a chairlift that takes you from the village to the Giw (2000 m.a.s.l.) in winter as well as in summer
  • the highest vineyard in Europe: here the vines grow up to an altitude of 1,150 metres above sea level.
  • the St. Jodern winery in Unterstalden, the Terbiner wine cellar in Visperterminen and the Johanneli-Fi wine cellar in Visp
  • the Chinderwält Spillhiischer, where children are invited to discover new worlds in 6 playhouses (old barns)
  • a vineyard and culture trail: 42 information panels tell you all you need to know about wine, viticulture and the traditions of the Heidi village.
  • Lake Giwsee at 2000 metres above sea level invites you to take a dip and swim, Lake Gebidumsee at 2200 metres above sea level invites you to fish, linger and enjoy the magnificent landscape.
  • a varied cultural landscape: hamlets with their own chapels, their own "Driel" (grape press) and distillery
  • a chapel path with 10 stations to the impressive forest chapel
  • living tradition with a procession through the whole village on Corpus Christi and Blessing Sunday, past magnificently decorated altars, accompanied by musicians, guardsmen, soldiers, women in traditional costume, statue bearers, schoolchildren - in short: the whole village population
  • a residential museum, which impressively documents the domestic life of the ancestors
  • a large sports field
  • Children's playgrounds, including a giant goat by the schoolhouse, picnic areas and fireplaces
  • great bike trails
  • and much more...


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Heidadorf Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 128, CH-3932 Visperterminen

+41 27 9460300

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Bergbahnen GIW aG
Bodmumatte 11, CH-3932 Visperterminen

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    10.06.2023 - 15.10.2023 (1 Lift)
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