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Welcome to the valley of farm-steads - The Austrian Open -Air Museum Stübing

A valley full of nature - A valley full of life.
The Austrian Open Air Museum is situated 15 km north of Graz within a 2 km long idyllic side valley of the river Mur. About 100 original historic vernacular buildings were re-established surrounded by forest, meadows and cornfields. The oldest building originates from the middle age and is about 600 years old.

All the houses are tenderly decorated to the finest details - you will get the impression, as if the farmers might return at any moment. The farmsteads are decorated with flowers and colourful gardens, sheep and goats grazing on the meadows and pastures. On the fields different cereals are cultivated and harvested in the traditional techniques with scythe and sickle.

A valley of history - a valley of stories
How did our anchestors use the treasures of nature for their lives? How did they protect themselves against heat or coldness, against rain, fire and wild animals?
And what can we learn from all that for our lives? The knowledge about the rural life was not written down for the longest time but only passed on orally.

But the farmsteads and buildings, the tools and working-traditions can tell us a lot about it. Taking part in an exciting guided tour you can learn how scientists know to decode this information.Stübing takes you on a journey to a historic era that is already slipping our memory: to an old grocery, where you can still buy traditional sweets - to a small school dating back to the year 1800, where the teacher had to sleep on the floor - to the fire brigade with its historic fire-engines - to the old smithy, which is even running from time to time. But it will also lead you to the herbal garden, where nearly forgotten herbs can be found.

And of course it will take you to the original farmsteads from all parts of Austria. They are arranged according to the provinces. Walking through the valley one can experience and compare the variety of vernacular architecture from the Burgenland up to Vorarlberg, originating from the multitude of landscapes as well as from the historic, social and political influences. A valley for the old and the young ones.

Some people come to Stübing just to enjoy pure nature and retreat. Other stroll through the valley of farmsteads for 2 to 8 hours, following the murmur of the brook or the smell of the fresh bread, baked in the historic stone oven every working day, observing every day‘s work: the thatching of roofs, the cutting of shingles or the repairing of fences.

Austria’s largest Open Air-Museum.
Stübing is the only open-air museum of Austria presenting a survey of traditional culture of all Austrian provinces. Being one of the largest central museums of its kind in Europe Stübing was awarded the museum quality stamp of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) of UNESCO.

The Austrian Open-Air Museum was founded in the year 1962 as an association of all 9 Austrian provinces and the state of Austria. 1985 it was transformed into a foundation of public right, which has to serves scientific investigation and documentation of vernacular architecture and rural life: How did people build, live and work in the rural regions of Austria.

Opening hours:
1st of April - 31st of October
daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Entry until 4 p.m.)
Tel.: +43/(0)3124-53700


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