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BERGFEX: Grindelwald - First: Holiday Grindelwald - First - Travel Grindelwald - First

Grindelwald - First

Grindelwald - First

1.068 - 2.167m

Grindelwald-First: Top of Adventure

Grindelwald-First makes the hearts of many adventurers beat faster. First Flyer, Mountain Cart and Trottibike scooter take care of the adrenaline rush and the need for speed. If that's not enough, then there's the First Cliff Walk by Tissot. The summit trail consists of an approximately 40-metre long one-rope suspension bridge, climbing stairs and a 45-metre long observation platform.

Grindelwald-First is also the starting point for many hiking trails. On a tour to Bachalpsee , for example, you can enjoy the idyllic Swiss Alps. The snow-covered peaks of the Alps are reflected in the crystal clear blue water.

Discover Grindelwald-First offers and adventures now.

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Leisure tips Grindelwald - First

You're not afraid of heights? Come and see for yourself. The summit attraction "First Cliff Walk by Tissot" at Grindelwald-First is open daily.
800 metres of steel cable, up to 50 metres high and speeds of up to 84 kilometres per hour
Thunder along for three kilometres over hill and dale with the First Mountain Cart . The new fun sport vehicle with a comfortable seat, good tyres and effective brakes transports you safely along...
An action-packed journey from the Bort station back down to the valley towards Grindelwald – it's no problem with the off-road scooter bike.
Flying with a bird of prey can be exhilarating. Especially when an eagle called First Glider takes flight. His four "passengers" float through the mountain landscape and enjoy a panoramic view at...

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Contact Grindelwald - First

Grindelwald Tourismus
Tourismus-Informations-Zentrum, CH-3818 Grindelwald

+41 (0)33 85 41 212
Grindelwald - First
+41 (0)33 85 41 210

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Contact Mountain railways

Harderstrasse 14, CH 3800 Interlaken

Grindelwald - First
+41 (0)33 828 72 33

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