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BERGFEX: Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift - Skiing holiday Krakau Tockneralmlift - Winter resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Krakau Tockneralmlift

1.220 - 1.450m

Piste map Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Snow statistics

Yesterday, 07:09 25 cm 20 cm 0 of 1
  Mountain Valley Open lifts
Samstag, 17.03. und Sonntag,18.03.2018 von 09:30 - 16:00 Uhr geöffnet.

Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Kein Skibetrieb

In the paradisiacal location of the Krakau Hochtal the inhabitants are warm and friendly, air and water are pure and tradition is still genuine. No wonder that the “Styrian Christ” has found his home in a small chapel here. Walking in this unique area on the southern slopes of the Niedere Tauern turns into a great experience. No matter if you decide to venture to one of the mountain tops (up to 2741 m), walk in the woods or simply relax – friendly hosts, traditional food, farmers’ products and the beautiful countryside make sure that your stay on the “Sunny balcony of the Niedere Tauern” turns into an unforgettable experience.

Contact Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Ski resort Krakau Tockneralmlift

Krakauebene 34b, A-8854 Krakau

+43 (0)676 4403649
Snow telephone
+43 (0)3535 8606 od. +43 (0)676 4403649
+43 (0)3535 8606
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