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Ski resort Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

1.000 - 1.986m
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Galsterbergalm / Schladming...

1.000 - 1.986m

Piste map Ski resort Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade
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Today, 11:39
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Opening times Winter

24.12.2020 -
08:15 - 16:15

Wintersaison am Galsterberg beendet!
Wir sagen DANKE für euren Besuch, eure Unterstützung, das gute Einhalten der Maßnahmen und freuen uns natürlich auf ein Wiedersehen!

Pistes Galsterbergalm /...

10 km (2)
medium difficulty
8 km (4)
2 km (1)
20 km

News Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Ski operation in winter 2020/21

From the current perspective, there is nothing to prevent largely unrestricted ski operation in the winter of 2020/21. We will take all necessary measures to ensure that our guests can experience our ski area in the greatest possible safety.

Measures for a safe winter

**Corona safety measures for the ski operation in Ski amadé**

What can I use as a face mask and will I receive a face mask in the ski resort?
As well as the more well-known face mask, as it currently stands, also multifunctional cloths, buffs, bandanas, ski masks etc. are allowed to be worn (however your mouth and nose must always be completely covered!) A face mask suitable for winter sports will be issued once with each ticket purchase.

Do I have to wear a face mask on the slopes?
On the slopes a face mask is not necessary.

Will the cable cars and lifts be aired during the ride?
All cable cars and lifts will be aired as best as possible – Please ensure you air adequately during your ride (open windows, open the weather protection cover, etc.)

Where in the ski resort will disinfectant be available?
Disinfection possibilities are in the toilet facilities, at the ticket office area and in the ski depots.

Which measures must the lift employees who are in direct contact with the public adhere to?
All employees, who come into direct contact with customers, will wear a face mask or will be separated from the guests with a suitable safety measure (e.g. Plexiglass).

How many people will be allowed to travel in a cable car or on a chairlift at any one time?
As with all public methods of transport, a face mask must be worn and this is also the case with the cable car and chairlift. This means that the cable cars and chairlifts can be used to their full capacity (e.g. 8 people in an 8-man cable car and 6 people on a 6-man chairlift, exception aerial tramways).

'*How will guests be informed about the Corona safety regulations on-site?*
Guests will be made aware of the current Corona safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

Will the cable cars and lifts be disinfected?
All lift facilities (cable cars, chairlifts,…) will be regularly disinfected.

Which corona regulations apply to all cable cars?
All cable cars are public forms of transport and are subject to the same regulations.

How will the employees of the lift companies be trained/instructed over Corona safety measures?
The employees of the cable car companies are trained or instructed in Corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Will the health of all employees of the lift companies be tested?
All employees of the lift companies will be tested for Covid-19 at the beginning of the winter season or when they are hired and then will undergo daily health checks (checking temperature, checking for symptoms). If there is any suspicion, then tests will be carried out immediately and the employees are then to immediately isolate from the company/organisation.

Is there a person responsible for Corona measures at every lift company?
The cable car companies each have one employee who is responsible for planning and implementing measures against Corona.

Contact Tracing App
By using the Contact Tracing APP 'STOP CORONA' of the Austrian Red Cross you are helping to tackle to spread of the Corona virus – it is recommended that you use this.

Where do I have to wear a face mask?
A face mask is to be worn at all times, in the ski bus, in the ski depot, at the cashier’s desks and in the lift facility areas already while queuing and in all cable cars.

Ski resort Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Far removed from the hustle & bustle

Genuine Styrian hospitality included

4 lifts and 15 km of magnificent pistes - far away from the bustling big ski mountains, we offer you a perfect day of skiing at sensationally affordable prices!

Blue-rated family-friendly valley run
3 fun-runs – pistes³
5 km sledding hill, day and night
Gallic Kinderland for a different kind of skiing experience
Ski school in the heart of the ski area
Our Gallic Hosts – magical hut atmosphere and party vibes guaranteed!
Fantastically maintained winter hiking paths with unbeatable valley views of beautiful Ennstal

Gallic skiing village on Galsterberg

A Gallic skiing adventure for both young and old. Galsterberg mountain will enchant you with its Gallic wooden huts, talking model Gauls, a Gallic piste machine, an 85m magic carpet and much more. You will find deer, rabbits and other woodland creatures keeping you company until all the way down to the Galsterbergalm lift.

Need a little break?
Not a problem - the terrace at Bottinghaus has the best view over the children's play area.

Contact Ski resort Galsterbergalm / Schladming - Ski amade

Galsterbergalm - Ski amade
Pruggererberg 206, A-8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern

+43 3685 22845
Snow telephone
+43 3685 22845
+43 3685 23170
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