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BERGFEX: Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade - Skiing holiday Dorfgastein - Ski amade - Winter resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Dorfgastein - Ski amade

830 - 2.033m

Piste map Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Innovations Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Fulseck – Nature Experience Mountain

Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Fulseck – Nature Experience Mountain

A mountain invites you on a journey of discovery.
Relaxing walks, easy mountain hikes and challenging
summit tours, not to mention mountain biking and
paragliding. The Gipfelbahn-Fulseck - the convenient and
quick way to get that bit closer to where you want to be. The
rewards are fresh air, crystal-clear water, traditional
mountain lodges and a breath-taking panoramic view.

Spiegelsee on the Fulseck
Accompanied by a wonderful view from the summit leads
the hike to the Spiegelsee – a truly unique natural experience
and legendary photo motiv. Directly from the Fulseck summit
station take the Barfußweg (Barefoot Path), an easy-going family
trail that invites you to slow down and be more fully aware
as you walk all the way round the mountain-top lake.
The different path surfaces will massage the reflex zones on
your feet as you go, bringing your senses back to life. The various
oases of calm and the special seating dotted along the trail
guarantee that you won’t be short of opportunities for relaxation.

Rock Crystal Hunting
Head out on a playful crystal hunt with Gasti.
While you are enjoying the view and the fresh air, your kids can
let off steam in the lovingly designed forest playground or, armed
with backpacks and hammers, strike small crystals out of the
rocks. Gasti backpacks with hammer are available from the cash
desk in the valley station.

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Contact Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Ski resort Dorfgastein - Ski amade

Dorfgasteiner Bergbahnen AG
Bergbahnstr. 46, A-5632 Dorfgastein

+43 (0)6433 7223
Snow telephone
+43 (0)6433 7223
+43 (0)6433 7223 10
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