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BERGFEX: Ski resort Tramelan - Skiing holiday Tramelan - Winter resort Tramelan

Ski resort Tramelan


925 - 1.200m

Piste map Ski resort Tramelan

Ski resort Tramelan

The resort is situated in the Bernese Jura, 25 minutes from Biel / Bienne.Tramelan invites you to snow sports and fun!

Thanks to the good access you reach the Tramelan ski resort very quickly and easily. The free parking and the restaurant expect you when the first snowflakes fall.

The Tramelan ski area covers:

  • Lift "de la Combe" (1), length 1410 m, base station 920 m, 1228 m summit
  • Lift "des Fontaines" (2), length 760 m, Central station 1100 m, 1220 m summit
  • Baby lift and snow garden for children

Contact Ski resort Tramelan

Ski resort Tramelan

Téléski Tramelan S.A.
CH-2720 Tramelan

+41 (0)32 4875266
Snow telephone
+41 (0)32 4875266
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