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BERGFEX: Disentis Sedrun: Holiday Disentis Sedrun - Travel Disentis Sedrun

Disentis Sedrun

Disentis Sedrun

1.150 - 2.850m

Summer in Disentis Sedrun

Disentis is a hidden gem in the Swiss mountains where you can enjoy calm sunny mountainsides. Friendly local people and a huge choice of activities will keep all ages happy. From hiking, golf, gold panning or searching for crystals to more adrenaline fueled activities such as paragliding and mountain biking, Disentis Sedrun has it all.

Hidden in the Romansch speaking canton of Graubünden, between Chur and Andermatt, Disentis Sedrun is the area of the source of the Rhine, one of Europe’s longest and historically important rivers - on a beautiful mountain hike you will reach Lai Tuma, the source of the Rhine in less than 2 hours.

Getting to Disentis Sedrun is easy as well from Zürich, Friedrichshafen and Milan airport with good connections with the Swiss Rail Service that will bring you conveniently and on time to your destination.

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Leisure tips Disentis Sedrun

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Up to Tomalake, the headwater of the river Rhine. From its source the Rhine flows 1'320 kilometers to the estuary near Rotterdam. The hiking to this unique place is a wonderful and idyllic experience.
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On various fireplaces around Disentis and Sedrun you can enjoy a good "Cervelat" looking at the wonderful mountain scene
Für Abkühlung nach einer anstrengenden Wanderung ist gesorgt.

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Contact Disentis Sedrun

Sedrun Disentis Tourismus
Via Alpsu 64a, CH-7188 Sedrun

+41 (0)81 9204030
Disentis Sedrun

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