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731 - 935m

ALBSTADT ...absolutely outdoors!

Experience nature as its best- Delight in outdoor activities!

Albstadt, the newly emerging center at the north of the Swabian Alb is the outdoor El Dorado between Stuttgart and the Lake of Constance. Albstadt offers hikers, skiers, bikers, and other lovers of fresh air a widespread range regarding sports and recreation- experience a natural high with outdoor activities. and authentic

The town with its 45.000 inhabitants was founded as late as 1975. Nevertheless, it still has a long history due to its thousand-year-old parts. However, its most distinctive feature is the dropping edge of the northern Swabian mountains.
Albstadt represents recreation and freedom, suspense and relaxation, life and experience.

HIKING AT ITS BEST...on the roof of Swabia

It is awesome to hike at the dropping edge of the "Schwäbische Alb". All around Albstadt the mountains are just short of 1000 m (3000 feet). The vibrating energy of its powerful landscape is particularly impressive.
Nine hiking trails - two of them also particularly suitable in winter - beteen 5.2 and 16.8 km in length - promise hiking at its best revealing spectacular views from the dropping edge of the Swabian mountains. Natural highs set in when looking over misty valleys, angular cliffs and mountains, walking along narrow, winding paths through meadows and heather-studded grassland dotted with junipers, passing picturesque villages, remnants of historical ruins or karst caves. Discover all this and more.

PURE BIKING...have fun cycling in this bikers´paradise

Albstadt, with its designated bike paths and numerous events such as various races, marathons and champinsships, is biker´s paradiese during the summer. Big differences in altitude ensure a real challenge.

Glittering, Brilliant WINTER FEELING

In places where the winter shows its sprakling, white side, it becomes the most beautiful season of all. Crunching, deep snow in a breathtaking landscape bestows an experience for all senses on the cross-country skier. It is pure fun to ski on well-groomed runs. This also goes for the six ski lifts catering to those who prefer downhill skiing, also at night under flood light.
On the plateaus the wind creates a winter wonderland. After hiking up and down along soft hills and steep mountains cozy inns invite all lovers of winter sports to eat, drink and chat sitting at open fires or tiled stoves.

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Tourist-Information Albstadt
Marktstraße 35, D-72458 Albstadt

+49 7431 1601204
+49 7431 1601227

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Mountain railways Summer operation
  • Burladingen
    17.09.2021 - 01.11.2021 (1 Lift)
  • Albstadt - Tailfingen
    27.03.2021 - 01.11.2021 (1 Lift)
  • Dickeloch - Winterlingen
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