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Skiarena Silbersattel

590 - 840m
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Skiarena Silbersattel

590 - 840m

Piste map Ski resort Skiarena Silbersattel

Lifts Skiarena Silbersattel


Opening times Winter

09:30 - 16:30

Heute Nachtski bis 21 Uhr

Pistes Skiarena Silbersattel

2 km (2)
medium difficulty
1.5 km (2)
0.5 km (2)
Freeride/ Routes
0.4 km
4.5 km

Ski resort Skiarena Silbersattel

Here you will find the best skiing fun in the largest ski area of ​​Thuringia!

In the Skiarena Silbersattel in Steinach you will find: 1 chair and 2 ski lifts, a babylift and a children's carousel, our computer-controlled snowmaking equipment, the approx. 1400m of slopes - the longest floodlights of Thuringia and the free bus shuttle.

Also for the classic * cross-country skiers and for skating * we trace varied and scenic fantastic routes.

  • Promotions *

1 - T-bar: length 410 m,
Valley station 590 m NN,
Mountain station 690 m NN,
Capacity up to 1000 people / hour

2 - Chair lift: length 500 m,
Valley station 690 m NN,
Mountain station 840 m NN,
Capacity up to 1000 people / hour

3 - Terrain: Length 420 m,
Valley station 790 m NN,
Mountain station 840 m NN,
Capacity up to 1000 people / hour

4 - Babylift: Length 60 m,
(At the middle station)
Valley station 700 m NN,
Mountain station 705 m NN,
Capacity up to 300 persons / hour

5 - Ski children's carousel (700 m NN)
Diameter approx. 12 m, rotation speed 0.5 - 1.0 m / s

  • Slope system *

(Difficulty: blue = light - red = medium - black = heavy)

-Nr.1- Fellberg plateau (840m NN - 790m NN): - Artificial snow + new flood light-
Length 430 m, area 17,000 m², slope 12-20%, category blue (light)

-Nr.2- Ski trail / family run (790m NN - 690m NN): -nature of nature-
Fast or comfortable through the forest to the valley station of the chairlift, length 2,000m, slope 5-10%, category blue (light)

-Nr.3- steep slope (820m NN - 690m NN): - artificial snow + new flood light-
Bypass the black slope, obliquely under the chair lift (2) and back to the steep slope exit, length approx. 600m, area approx. 10,000 m², slope approx. 25-30%, category red

-Nr.4- Silbersattelabfahrt (THE STEILHANG) (820m NN - 790m NN): - Artificial snow + new Floodlight-
Heart of the ski arena, length 700 m, area 25,000 m², inclination 55-80% (ca.38Grad!), Category black (difficult)

-Nr.5- "Alte Streck" new (840m NN - 690 m NN): -only natural snow-
Directly under the chairlift to the support 4 and then to the right the old runway to the middle of the steep slope or to the
-Nr.6- Ski path just below the chairlift to the spur of the bypass and then the stockpile (95% !!) down - NOT prepared
Length approx. 400m, inclination approx. 10 - 95%,

-Nr.7- Competition track (690m NN - 590m NN): - Artificial snow + floodlight-
Length 450m, area 15.000 m², slope 20-25%, category red (medium)

-Nr.8- Skiarena children's world new (700m NN - 705m NN): - Artificial snow-
New ski school exercise slope directly at the middle station, length 100m, inclination 5-10%,
Category blue (very light)

  • Floodlight: *

Approx. 1400m of slopes - the longest floodlight run in Thuringia (slopes -1 -...- 3-or-4 -...- 7-)

  • Snowmaking equipment (Sufag): *

Computer controlled with four snowmachines (3 mobile, 1 fixed inst. At the steep slope exit), and two snow lances,
From approx. -4.5 ° C, machine snow can be produced automatically if required

All slopes are groomed daily (!!!) with modern snow grooming machines (PistenBully 280DW) with sliding plate, milling machine and smoothing board and windlass,
A vehicle (PB 100) is additionally equipped with cross-country ski tracks and a ski run for the care of the ski trails (3.0 m wide track with one side nice clean cross-country track, the other track smoothly smooth rolled and milled for skating)

Contact Ski resort Skiarena Silbersattel

Thüringen Alpin GmbH Skiarena Silbersattel Steinach
Straße zum Silbersattel 50, D-96523 Steinach

+49 (0)171 7260846
Snow telephone
+49 (0)36762 288822
Mountain railways Tourist association

Opening times Summer

01.05.2020 - 25.10.2020
Number Lifts
Rating 4.8
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