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Ski resort Piancavallo

1.245 - 1.865m
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1.245 - 1.865m

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Opening times Winter

07.12.2019 -
08:30 - 16:00

Pistes Piancavallo

1.9 km (6)
medium difficulty
10.5 km (12)
1.4 km (1)
13.9 km

Ski resort Piancavallo

In Piancavallo you will enjoy a perfect combination of skiing and fun.
This mountain resort part of the municipality of Aviano in the course of time has been able to change itself in a young resort full of attractions at high level too. Suffice it to mention high level side events , skiing on quality slopes with much participation and involvement of young people, but not only. Piancavallo is indeed an elegant resort located in the mountains above Pordenone; with skilifts reaching slopes and located in the city center also where locals live. The resort is made up of some quarters, each of them contributing to form altogether a lively mountain resort, which is historically deeply rooted in its mountains.

Here ski lovers have at their disposal 516.000m² of skiing areas and slopes, snowing is always guaranteed and planned thus enabling tourists to have fun practicing downhill skiing on safe slopes or deviating along the several other tracks. The most important slopes are the Salomon, the Nazionale and the Tublat, not to mention the Nazionale Alta and the Sauc, featuring high and exciting slopes for the most expert skiers. In addition thanks to nursery slopes and to a wide ad hoc area, even would be skiers, be they real beginners or almost beginners, can enjoy their first downhill skiing experinces.

And what about the real experts, the acrobats of skiing: can they find what they are looking for?
Of course they can: suffice it to cite the Funk Park, a paradise for freestylers on the snow. There they can ski on a wide area rich in further structures, where to practice acrobat skiing to show one's own skills.
On the other hand for cross-country skiing fans, there are 26 km of slopes taking you through a beautiful beech forest. In this area skiing is practiced at professional level by professional athletes. In the course of the years in fact Piancavallo has become an important resort, hosting competitions ranging from the European Championship to the World Cup. In relation to this the structure providing multiple services and specialized in the organization of indoor events, the historical "Pala Predieri", has become a referring point.
Structures and services for tourists from catering to accommodation are of a high level as well. Anyone wishing to organize a period of stay in Piancavallo can choose among a wide variety of services and accommodation possibilities: four- and three star hotels. Then social life is much varied thanks to the contribution of about ten places down town and to five cafés and similar places located along the slopes. As mentioned they manage to satisfy the love for skiing with the need and the will to have fun and to enjoy one's stay.

Finally, icing on the cake, these mountains can become extremely attractive and suggestive: they are close to lowland and from the highest peaks of the mountains of Piancavallo you can see, while skiing, the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. Such harmonious contrast, between snow and sea, renders these snow-covered mountains extremely fascinating!

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Promotur Piancavallo
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+39 0434 655258
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+39 0434 655258
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