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Ski resort Diavolezza - Lagalb

2.093 - 2.978m
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Diavolezza - Lagalb

2.093 - 2.978m

Piste map Ski resort Diavolezza - Lagalb

Lifts Diavolezza - Lagalb


Opening times Winter

17.10.2020 - 27.11.2020
08:30 - 16:30

Öffnungszeiten Skipisten Herbst
Vom 17. Oktober bis 27. November 2020 sind die Skipisten auf der Diavolezza für die Öffentlichkeit offen am:

Mittwochnachmittag ab 13:30 Uhr
Samstag, ganzer Tag
Sonntag, ganzer Tag
Montag, Dienstag, Mittwochmorgen, Donnerstag und Freitag sind die Pisten für Trainingsgruppen reserviert.

Skitickets Mittwochnachmittag
Skitickets für den Mittwochnachmittag müssen direkt an der Kasse gelöst werden, Snow-Deal ist nicht möglich.

Skitickets Wochenende
Skitickets für das Wochenende können über Snow-Deal gekauft werden.


Pistes Diavolezza - Lagalb

medium difficulty
20 km
11 km
Freeride/ Routes
10 km
41 km

News Diavolezza - Lagalb

Three mountains, three fabulous beings

What a combination! Corvatsch, the large raven. Smart, breathtaking and free as a bird. Diavolezza, the she-devil. Passionate, icy hot and devilishly beautiful, like flames in the snow. And Lagalb, the white lake. Unspoilt, magnificent, perfect for adventures on water and ice.

Ski resort Diavolezza - Lagalb


Impressiv, Passionate

The realm of the beautiful she-devil boasts not only an amazing range of ski slopes but also all kinds of different off-piste routes, the longest glacier run in Switzerland and stunning views of the ice giants, Piz Palü and Piz Bernina. You can enjoy a varied range of cuisines in its two restaurants, let your spirit roam free on a winter walk or take part in the winter celebration of the "Glüna Plaina" or full moon. The Diavolezza mountain inn offers some excellent special deals including accommodation.


Challenging, Adventurous

With its fantastic views of Lago Bianco, down into the Poschiavo valley and further south into the Valtellina, the Lagalb skiing area is an insiders' secret. The steep descents and undulating slopes make the Lagalb the experts' mountain in the Engadin. Those who want to take it easy can enjoy the traditional charms of the two restaurants and a unique experience – snowshoe walking on the famous black ice of Lago Bianco.

Contact Ski resort Diavolezza - Lagalb

Corvatsch AG
Via dal Corvatsch 73, CH-7513 Silvaplana

+41 (0)81 838 73 73
Snow telephone
+41 (0)81 838 73 73
Mountain railways Tourist association

Opening times Summer

04.05.2020 - 16.10.2020
Number Lifts

08:20–17:00 Uhr

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