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BERGFEX: Ski resort Bellwald - Skiing holiday Bellwald - Winter resort Bellwald

Ski resort Bellwald


1.600 - 2.560m

Piste map Ski resort Bellwald

Innovations Bellwald

Unsere Nachtschlittelpiste ist wie folgt für Sie geöffnet.

Täglich bis 20.00 Uhr

Dienstag bis Donnerstag bis 20.00 Uhr

Kostenlose Rennpiste mit Zeitmessung
Neu bieten wir Ihnen diesen Winter eine automatisierte Zeitmessung, welche Sie auf der Piste Fleschen beim Snowpark gratis benutzen können.

Ski resort Bellwald

What is special in particular! Friendly, homey - just nice!

By car almost hit the slopes, then Bellwald presents for his large and small guests.

Beginner-friendly slopes alternate with steep slopes. A delight for old track foxes, for spoiled snow bunny and three cheese highs that have their first steps on skis still on.
Nonstop, all indulge in sporting pleasure, because being in long waits at the lifts out of the question.
Uncomplicated, friendly and fast chairlifts and cable cars take you up high where on 2560 m. ü. Sea not only can stop the panorama, but also the feeling of being finally arrived once again.

Once Bellwald - Bellwald always, the magic makes the charm!

See you soon at Bellwald!

Contact Ski resort Bellwald

Ski resort Bellwald

Bellwald Tourismus
CH-3997 Bellwald

+41 (0)27 9711684
Snow telephone
+41 (0)27 9711926
+41 (0)27 9714154
Mountain railways Tourist association

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