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Logo Naturpark Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen

Nestled between Zirbitzkogel (2,396 m) and Grebenzen (1,892 m) lies on the Styrian-Carinthian pass landscape one of the most water-rich nature parks in Austria. The ice age about 15.000 years ago has shaped the landscape. This is how the incomparable romantic watercourses and gorges, high moors, alpine pastures and forests were formed, which nature lovers and families appreciate very much.

*On the adventure of nature

Natural phenomena such as earth pyramids and glacier mills, the bird sanctuary and the Furtner pond invite you on a journey of discovery. On the other, forested and mountainous side of this high landscape, wild and gentle waters - from the Pöllau spring to the Dürnberger Moor and the Graggerschlucht gorge with its cascading waterfall - provide bubbling joie de vivre.

On the way on the VIA NATURA.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. Instead of changing it, they understood the signs and listened to the laws of nature. If you hike along the VIA NATURA, you will be brought closer to the manifold signs of nature again. Because the round 130 km long long distance hiking trail wants to bring nature closer to man again and to revive the old skills of being able to read nature.

Divided into 10 stages, the VIA NATURA connects all 3 municipalities of the nature park and leads past romantic mountain villages, pond and moor landscapes and beautiful panoramic mountains. At the NaturLese islands, hikers are initiated into the secrets of nature. One can discover a "pharmacy" at the wayside - children are especially enthusiastic about the Bionic Experience Island in the Graggerschlucht, which provides a pleasant cooling on hot summer days with its very own humid-cool climate. If you get tired, you are welcome to take an extended break, because cozy inns and alpine huts are also located along the way.

Thanks to the climate-friendly mobility concept of the nature park, you can also do without your car, because e-bikes and the hiking bus bring all nature lovers comfortably back to the starting point of the hike.

Cyclists will find "by nature" challenges for miles at all altitudes to get going. Also for riders the possibilities are almost limitless: Up to the summit of the Zirbitzkogel (2,396 m), the nature park region can be conquered on the back of Haflingers. And fishers can't miss a thing in view of the numerous waters, ponds and lakes.

The whole region is under the sign of a unique experience program, which comes up with new offers every year. So the whole family can learn a lot about the natural and cultural landscape besides butter churning, hay rides or exciting saga evenings at the castle.

In addition to all these leisure activities, the nature park region also offers numerous excursion destinations such as the adventure exhibition "School of the Senses " or the
NatureReadingPark. In the Health Spa Wildbad the guests like to use the warm and healing thermal springs of the Grebenzen and look for relaxation and peace there. Under the motto "Ora et Labora" the Benedictine monks live in St. Lambrecht. A visit to the Stiftsmuseum provides insights into the already 900-year-old history of St. Lambrecht Abbey.

The unmistakable mixture of culture and nature, adventure and recreation makes our nature park a popular hiking region, which certainly has something to offer for all tastes.

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Naturpark Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen
Naturpark Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen
Naturpark Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen
Naturpark Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen

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