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BERGFEX: Übelbach: Holiday Übelbach - Travel Übelbach



580 - 1.988m


580 - 1.988m

Welcome to Übelbach

The region of Übelbach with its surroundings invites to rest and relaxation. A numerous variety of well-marked walking paths lead through a beautiful landscape and are a starting point for even long walking trips.

The Übelbacher Silberweg - named after the former importance of silver mining - is a leisurely walk around the entire place. This tour can also be done in sections over several connecting routes starting and ending at the Old Market in the city centre.

The Dreibirkenwanderung (Three Birches hike) is starting and deasured from the Silberweg (cell tower at the bottom Silberberg).

The Kleiner Kalvarienbergweg (short walk over the Calvary mountain) is also recommended by our hiking experts.

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Marktgemeinde Übelbach
Alter Markt 64, AT-8124 Übelbach

+43 (0)3125 2261
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