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Techelsberg am Wörthersee

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Techelsberg am Wörthersee


Surrounded by greenery, the lake firmly in mind, connected with the Carinthian traditions.

Techelsberg is known for its wood carving, but also for its down to earth life. For the area around the Techelsberg some beautiful shrines are characteristic. The most significant of these is the Tschachonig Cross, which is with its eight meters height the largest shrine in Carinthia.

As a guest, you can enjoy the surrounding nature, can take a leisurely bike ride or test your endurance on the all-inclusive mountain bike course, or walk, give the kids a free run and enjoy all the delights of the nearby Wörthersee water or the idyllic Fort lake.

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St. Martin 32 / im Sommer Töschling 21, A-9212 Techelsberg

+43 4272 621115
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