Stage 8: Way of St. James Western Styria

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Stage 8: Way of St. James...


Tour dates
341 - 1,429m
Brief description
The Way of St. James in Western Styria was opened on 25 July 2010 and is divided into eight stages. These were chosen so that they are manageable for average hikers. Overnight accommodation is available at the end of each stage. Particularly athletic pilgrims will probably manage a larger daily workload; in the event of bad weather or sightseeing, the mileage will be less.

For the most part, the trail leads along existing hiking and pilgrimage routes and partly along asphalted municipal and provincial roads.

Starting point

Soboth / Jakobskirche

Best season

The Lipizzanerheimat region is an irresistible encounter of tradition and modernity, rural lifestyle and diverse folk culture. Distinctive and rich in experience, we can enjoy the unique interplay of scenic features. Along gentle hilly landscapes, in the middle of green alpine meadows or high up on the Koralpe, we can harmonise our senses without everyday stress and noise. Honest cordiality and tangible hospitality are the special features of this unique journey of discovery of a somewhat different kind.

Before leaving the village of Soboth, we should fill up our drinking and provisioning supplies, as there is neither a department store nor an inn to stop at until Lavamünd. We follow the signpost 06/03A in the direction of Lavamünd. Walk a short distance along the asphalt road - past a few houses - and turn left down a forest path to the remains of the Kappmühle mill, where you cross the Gaschitzbach stream. We follow the forest trail to the Laßnighube and the Karnitschnig estate (note: trail markings are on the farm building). Take the meadow path just below the house and walk to the "Jagahanslkreuz". From there we march back along a forest road down to the foot of the dam wall of the Soboth reservoir (way to the lake: 10 min.) at 1,000m above sea level. Immediately after the bend, leave the forest road and walk steeply uphill to the right. We keep to the trail markings on the trees. It is essential to look out for markings at junctions and crossroads, as they may be easily hidden by branches! Here it is worthwhile to use the available map material and to check the path again and again and to determine the exact location. After a total of about 3.5 hours of walking, we reach the Weintrattl crossing point. We have reached the highest point of our stage.

From the Weintrattl junction we follow the signs for the Jakobsweg (Way of St. James) and the markings of the European Long Distance Trails 03/06 and hike downhill towards Lavamünd. Pass the farmsteads of the Lorenzenberg Jankitz, Rechberger (chapel) and Roth to the former Strohmaier inn, where we make a detour to the church of St. Lorenzen. We then continue downhill, crossing the Multererbach stream for the first time, where we reach the Jamnik estate after a few minutes. A few hundred metres after the estate, we leave the road again and walk through a forest to the Hornig cross. We walk along the road for a short distance, follow the red-white-red markings down to the left along the edge of the forest - go down through the forest to the stream and walk along the Multererbach stream. At the end of the ditch, the Jakobsweg Weststeiermark meets the existing southern Austrian Jakobsweg. At the next farm, we walk between the stable and the residential house and after about 10 min. reach the Soboth road, famous among motorcyclists, which we follow downhill until the right-hand bend. There we take the hiking trail above the road, parallel to it. The last few metres to Lavamünd are on the road again. Immediately after the town sign, at the intersection with the Drautal federal road, you will find the Hüttenwirt, the first place to spend the night.

Arriving in Lavamünd, we have reached the end of the West Styrian Way of St. James. We have covered a total of 151.5km and can look back on 8 stages.

Review of the 8th stage

Highest point
1,429 m


Height profile


Proper backpack packing makes many things easier: Pack heavy things first. The water bottle should always be within easy reach in a side pocket. All things that are often needed, such as sunglasses, camera or hiking map, belong on top. An emergency kit including blister plasters belongs in every rucksack and it is always advisable to dress according to the "onion system"!

Safety instructions
Sturdy and comfortable footwear required (e.g. gym or hiking shoes). In winter only accessible in good weather. Walk at your own risk!

Rescue: 144

Tip for reporting an emergency - give answers to the six W-questions: What happened? How many injured? Where did the accident happen (possibly GPS coordinates)? Who reported the accident (call-back number)? When did the accident happen? Weather at the accident site?

The Way of St. James in Western Styria is marked with signs (arrow with shell). It is possible to orientate yourself by the red-white-red markings of the Friends of Nature and the Alpine Club. In addition, there are ground markings on asphalt roads. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to carry a hiking map.

This stage over the Koralpe should only be undertaken in good weather!

Be sure to take provisions with you, as there are no places to stop for refreshments on this stage.

At each stage destination and at each St. James church along the West Styrian Way of St. James, there is a pilgrim's stone that indicates the kilometres still to be walked until the end of the pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela. At the "Pilgerkastln" along the Way of St. James, we have the opportunity to write down our thoughts and experiences in a book.

Pilgrim stamp sites:

Soboth: Pilgrims' Inn Mörth and Alpine Inn Messner Lavamünd: Hüttenwirt
Additional information
Tourism Association Schilcherland Styria

Hauptplatz 40

A-8530 Deutschlandsberg

Tel +43 3462 7520




Verein zur Förderung der steirischen Jakobswege

Reinhold Waldhaus

Tel. +43 676 3911185



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