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Castle Kammer

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From 1260 built as a "fortress Cammer in Attersee" on an island, the castle was first depicted in 1610 (in the Heimathaus).

Between 1622 and 1649 enlargement of the Lake Castle (Knights' Hall and New Castle). . 1710 Baroque architect John Michael Prunner built the Eichelhof (origin - acorn in the family crest of Khevenhüller) in Kammer. In the 18th and. 19th century. Deposit of the castle access. For transport reasons, the north gate in 1938 and the South Gate were demolished in 1971 by the original 4 archways of Acorn Court.

The lime avenue, which leads to the castle, has also Gustav Klimt inspired display them in one of his famous Attersee images. In 1994 the extensive renovation of the castle chamber is privately owned and can be visited only from the outside.

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