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Vogtland / Sachsen


700 - 800m
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700 - 800m

Vacation for the whole family with bag and baggage - in Schöneck small and big guests are very welcome. Since 2008, Schöneck is distinguished with the certificate "family-friendly place". What that means? With us, the needs of children and families are particularly considered. Play corners, playgrounds, many child appropriate offers and leisure possibilities provide good entertainment on vacation. There is always something to discover - an excursion into nature, as a climbing-mad child or at the indoor swimming pool. Family-friendly lodgings - whether on a farm, in comfortable holiday apartments or at a family-friendly hotel - they all are specially prepared for small guests' needs and their parents or grandparents.

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Hohe Reuth 9, D-08261 Schöneck

+49 (0)37464 330011
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Locations Vogtland / Sachsen
Mountain railways Summer operation
  • Schöneck - Hohe Reuth
    25.04.2020 - 18.10.2020 (1 Lift)
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