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BERGFEX: Weltcup Runde K1 - Mountainbike - Tour Salzburg

Weltcup Runde K1

Weltcup Runde K1


Starting point
Gemeindeamt Kaprun
One starts at the Kaprun town hall and then one follows the signs along the farm and


forest road to the Glocknerblick (view to the Grossglockner) mountain guest house.


As the name suggests, one has a magnificent view of Austria´s highest mountain


from here.


The technically good riders then follow the over the Astenweg path and Bachler trail


to the Schneckenreith guest house. Riders are fully technically challenged on this


trail and after passing through the forest one can pause now and then to enjoy the


beautiful view over the Klamm lake.


Riders wishing to take a more gentle run,which is not as difficult technically, take the


farm road from Helis hut down over the Maiskogel to Kaprun.


Both routes come together and the beginning of the cross-country circuit. A couple of


short, very steep climbs follow, on the legendary Kaprun cross-country circuit, before


reaching the Kaprun castle where one turns off to finish the tour gently along the


banks of the Salzach river.


Highest point
1,554 m
Height profile

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