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Lots of Room for Adventure but certainly no Room for boredom in Saalbach Hinterglemm!

A whole valley as a playground for children, families, epicures, hikers and bikers - Saalbach Hinterglemm provides each one the opportunity to playfully create one’s dream vacation.

In winter, the ski and snowboard fans feel at home here. In summer however this region attracts many hikers, high mountain touring enthusiasts and Nordic walkers with it’s 400 km of well marked hiking trails. Six cable cars allow both the young and elderly to get one step closer to heaven without using too much energy as they take you directly up to the starting point of many tours.

Austria's largest bike region
Over 90 km of lines & trails, downhill tracks and hundreds of kilometres of touring routes, 7 mountains with up to 9 gondolas with one ticket. This is what you get in Austria's largest bike-region Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn!
Flowy lines, lightning fast downhill tracks with huge jumps or rowdy, technical and natural single trails? Thanks to over 90 kilometers of lines & trails in Austria's largest bike-region there’s something for every bike-loving heart on the 7 mountains that can be easily accessed via 9 gondolas. Beginners can safely progress on several practice areas and pump tracks while experts can work on their skills.

Around 30 cosy mountain huts not only stand for picturesque resting places, they also host alpine festivals throughout the summer, where local folk music bands play their traditional music and the mountain hut landlords conjure up and serve the tasty Pinzgauer specialties on their tables.

Alpine Flora Hiking Trail - The Healing Herbs Trail will be situated at the altitude of 1,544 m on the Reiterkogel mountain and will include over 80 different species of herbs and local alpine flowers with an explanation of their medical and homeopathic effects.

Mount Kodok - hiking in themed Fantasy Worlds
The mystery of Mount Kodok, an adventure trail for kids and youngsters at the Reiterkogel. Find the magic tools that was stolen by the cunning troll. The thrilling adventure of Mount Kodok makes hiking a great experience for all kids and youngsters.

Adventure trail “Montelino” for families and children
Kids and families enter the fabulous world of the little clown Montelino who lost his smile. Can the kids help Montelino to find his smile again? Along a scenic walking trail from top to middle station of Kohlmais Mountain through woods and alpine meadows the kids search for the clown´s lost friends and toys within a beautiful nature environment.

Montelino’s Deer Feeding
Our little clown Montelino has discovered a passion for wild game, and surprises all children with a feeding session where they can observe deer. To add to the fun, there are activity stations as well as a giant deer that you can climb inside.

Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm
This is a new challenge for fit, sure-footed, experienced hikers: the "Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm”. This nearly 24-kilometer long hiking tour over the highest summits of the Glemmtal, with truly alpine character and a huge 2,000 meters of altitude, is a tour for the tried-and-tested individualists who are physically fit mountaineers.

Homeland Path
Find out more about the Glemmtal area on a relaxed, leisurely walk around the summit of the Zwölferkogel mountain. From the historic evolution of an impoverished village of mountain farmers to an internationally renowned tourist resort; about exciting sagas and legends from the Glemmtal; all the way to fascinating details from the forest and hunting worlds. Montelino’s summit playground on the Zwölferkogel: Fun and games by climbing with Montelino on the Zwölferkogel mountain. There is a slackline parcours available for all guests, both big and small.

Captain Hook - Paradisiacal offers for Water Babies
For a cool-down after an exciting hike, the Pirates outdoor pool “Captain Hook” ensures pure water fun: A 1000 m² water oasis with underwater music and three separate water slides, beach volleyball court, open air cinema for kids and rain zones make for a perfect score of 10 on the 10-point fun factor scale.

The “Teufelswasser“ water park of Saalbach Hinterglemm is located in the valleyend, close to the mountain hut Lindlingalm, which can be comfortably reached with the colourful noddy train. In this treasured theme park with spring-fed crystal clear water, pebble pools and dancing forest-trolls, kids and adults can experience the fascination of water with all senses and discover a whole new perspective on this element of nature.

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Saalbach Hinterglemm
Saalbach Hinterglemm
Saalbach Hinterglemm

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