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BERGFEX-Sehenswürdigkeiten - Gallery for asthmatics - Prettau - Ausflugsziel - Sightseeing

Leisure tips Prettau

Gallery for asthmatics

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A stay in the GALLERY FOR ASTHMATICS in Prettau has a positive effect on people who suffer from diseases of the respiratory tract and people suffering from allergies.

"For which diseases does Speleo therapy make sense?"
„It is useful to cure acute obstructive respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchial and chronic obstructive lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and lung emphysema.

Obstructive means, that the respiratory tract is contracted. Similar trigger mechanisms like bronchial asthma can also be seen in the so-called atopic illnesses like neurodermitis and hay fever.
Also worth mentioning; allergic bronchial asthma, infection-conditioned bronchial asthma and post-infective symptoms which are often seen in whooping cough."
Prof. Dr. Peter Deetjen

Opening hours:
From april until october

Gallery for asthmatics Prettau
I- 39030 Predoi

Tel. +39 0474 654523
Fax +39 0474 654698

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