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**Greetings and welcome to Ostermundigen!

This town offers you a wide range of leisure activities with a fitness centre, tennis and squash facilities and an open-air swimming pool, as well as recreational areas in the two forests of the Ostermundigenberg and the Schosshalde that frame our community.

The extraordinary quarries on the Ostermundigenberg, whose sandstone is used, for example, to build the Bern Minster, point on the one hand to the history of Ostermundigen's origins as a community of day labourers and farmers, and on the other hand also manifest the cosmopolitanism of our community. They not only served Paul Klee (www.paulkleezentrum.ch) as inspiration for his extensive artistic life's work, but also Ferdinand Hodler found his models here for the fighting men in the painting "The Battle of Marignano".

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Contact Ostermundigen

Gemeinde Ostermundigen
Schiessplatzweg 1, CH-3072 Ostermundigen

+41 31 930 14 14
+41 31 930 14 70

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