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Long distance cycling

Danube Cycle Path Stage 7 South Bank: Klosterneuburg - Petronell

Long distance cycling
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Danube Cycle Path Stage 7...

Long distance cycling

Tour dates
145 - 198m
Brief description

On the seventh stage of the Danube cycle path cyclists bike along the beautiful Danube promenade in Vienna. After that, the trail continues on the northern shore of the idyllic natural park of Donau-Auen. In Haslau we cross the Danube River where the route on the South side leads us to Petronell. 

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Even though the large city Vienna has a great appeal, you should take some time to take a tour through the monastery Klosterneuburg which was founded in the 12th century. The treasury of this monastery with the altar of Verdun from 1181 is definitely worth looking at. Vienna is only a stone’s throw from here.

In case you don’t want to drive around the metropolis of the Danube over the North Bridge, you will soon reach the so-called “Danube Canal” on the south bank, which will lead you straight into the old town. After you freshen up in a bicycle-friendly hotel of your choice (q.v. www.wien.info), nothing stands between you and a tour through the city.

You can visit a vast variety of attractions like Schönbrunn with its castle, zoological garden, palace grounds and the Gloriette, the Viennese Old Town with St.Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg (The Imperial Apartments, Sisi museum, treasury, Spanish Riding School), the Art History Museum, the graphic collection Albertina and the MuseumsQuartier. Furthermore Castle Belvedere, the Prater with its Ferris wheel, Art Nouveau, cafés and wine taverns are anticipating your visit…

When you leave the north banks, you will reach Lobau – a part of the national park Donau-Auen. This unique natural habitat for beavers, kingfishers and even grey sea eagles extends to the national border of Slovakia and is one of the biggest intact meadowy countrysides of Central Europe. You can find out details in the Castle Orth, which you will reach shortly after Schönau. The schlossORTH National Park-Centre is housed in this pretty castle (field trips, boat tours).

After a ferry ride on the Danube you arrive in Haslau and can pay a visit to the modern “Fisher’s Church”, subsequently you can roll towards your destination Petronell-Caruntum. Shortly before you reach this very old town, you pass its landmark, the “Heidentor”, the ruin of a triumphal monument of the fourth century.

Klosterneuburg - Wien - Schönau - Haslau - Scharndorf - Petronell-Carnuntum

Route Description

You start your route in Klosterneuburg and follow the Donaustraße (street) to the North Bridge. Here, you change the side and enjoy the beautiful Viennese waterfront. In between, you dine at one of the cosy Viennese cafés and enjoy a melange and a piece of Sacher Torte. 

At the central reservoir in Lobau, you turn left and take the Lobgrundstraße (road) along a long right curve. You then assume a short straight, still along the Lobgrundstraße, until you turn left at the second right bend. Then you leave the near river Danube and drive through the natural Donau-Auen, until you see a bridge to your left, which you cross.

Shortly before Schönau a road branches off to the east. After approximately seven kilometres, you reach a small commercial area. Here, you continue South. Alternatively, turn left and visit the picturesque castle Orth. The castle is open almost all year round and offers guided walks through the Danube-Auen. You take the ferry, leaving the banks of the Danube and pass through Haslau. 

After a short time, you encounter the B9 where on the South side a cycle path lies which you follow for four kilometres. This leads you south to Scharndorf and from there further to the East. You pass through the remains of the Heidentors (gate) and finally reach Petronell-Carnuntum. The municipality at the base of a Roman Fortress, is located near the village and whose ruins can be visited in the local open-air museum.

Highest point
198 m



On the B22 take the exit Klosterneuburg in Vienna and continue on the B14.

Public transportation

Take the bus or the train from the Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof (train station) in Vienna to Klosterneuburg.


Park & Ride parking lot Klosterneuburg

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