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Long distance cycling

Danube Cycle Path Stage 4 South Bank: Ardagger - Melk

Long distance cycling
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Danube Cycle Path Stage 4...

Long distance cycling

Tour dates
207 - 258m
Brief description

On this beautiful long distance cycle route, starting in a small tranquil Danube River town named Ardagger we bike along the Danube, to the "gateway to the Wachau Valley", the city of Melk. During our ride through the picturesque Danube valley we pass Hössgang, Ybbs an der Donau, Krummnußbaum and Pöchlarn, until we reach our goal Melk.

Starting point


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The town Ardagger is one of the main towns of the Mostviertel. If you are interested in culture, you can visit the church of the former monastery, which hosts the oldest figural glass painting of Austria, the „Margaretenfenster“ made in the 13th century. If you prefer sports you can take advantage of the many watersports possibilities as well as the offer of the „Donauwellenpark“ (=Danube wave park), which offers, for example, Beachvolleyball or climbing walls, just next to the bicycle route.

After that you are on your way through the beautiful Strudengau. The Narrow Danube valley is lined with high and densely wooded hills. Every now and then you find inviting sandy beaches just next to the stream and little villages like Hößgang and Freyenstein put life into your journey.

Soon after the power station Ybbs-Persenbeug (guided tours only with advanced reservation) you will reach the little city Ybbs, where you should visit the Bicycle Museum: Starting by the wooded bogie wheel up to the „Waffenrad“ out of the time of the emperor, this museum documents your favourite vehicle.

The renaissance houses in the old city are simply enchanting, and St.Lorenz’s Church has an impressive reticulated vault as well as an organ which was signed by Mozart himself when he visited this city in 1767.

After you pass the villages Sarling, Säusenstein and Krummnußbaum you arrive at the „City of the Nibelungs“ Pöchlarn, which is offering sights like the birthplace of the painter Oskar Kokoschka (exhibitions) and a Carpenter Museum. The memorial of the Nibelungs is reminding us that this little city is the site where this ancient epic is set, and also the Danube is sometimes the location of the tale. 45 short minutes later you reach Melk, the „Gate to the Wachau“.

Ardagger Markt - Hößgang - Ybbs an der Donau - Krummnußbaum - Pöchlarn - Melk

Route Description:

You start the tour in Ardagger Markt and find your way towards the Danube. There you begin the route on the Danube cycle path. With a beautiful view of the river, you cycle through the cultural landscape of the Strudengau. The Strudengau derives it name from the many dangerous whirlpools and shoals found throughout. It was therefore seen, by many sailors, as one of the most dangerous sections of the Danube. Today, this landscape section belongs to the reservoir of the subsequent power plant and is easily navigated.

You continue along the Danube all the way to Ybbs an der Donau without passing any cities. Thus, time remains for you to enjoy the flora and fauna of the Strudengau, which impresses with its large number of protected trees. In Ybbs an der Donau, it's again time for some culture. Here, the old town of Ybbs, with its renovated renaissance town houses and the parish church of St. Lorenz are worth highlighting. The organ in the Church bears, since a visit by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the year 1767, his initials. The largest large dam in Austria is also located in Ybbs, the Ybbs-Persenbeug power station. You bike through the city and subsequently cross the Ybbs.

Along a small river stretch you reach in Sarling again the Danube. Your next stop is the place with the peculiar name of Krummnußbaum, whose name originates most likely lies with the nut trees that formerly grew along the river. The municipality of Pöchlarn is located directly in the extension. The municipality was known in the early middle ages as a Bechelaren (important stopover) and is mentioned in the Nibelungenlied (song) as the seat of Rüdiger von Bechelaren. In addition, it is the last large city between you and your goal Melk. After a lonely but relaxing ride along the Danube you come finally to the end of today's stage.

Melk is a nice conclusion of this tour, because the city can be considered a real "cultural highlight". Parts of the city, such as the monastery of Melk, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Wachau. The Abbey is described as  the "most symbolic and dominant Baroque building", and further houses the Stiftsgymnasium (Abbey school) Melk, the oldest surviving school in Austria. As the famous landscape section "Wachau" begins here, do the hills become higher and steep vineyards start to appear on all slopes. An ideal panorama, to stop the current stage.

Highest point
258 m



Coming from Linz we drive on the A7 South. At the Linz motorway intersection, we continue on the A1 in the direction of Vienna. At Amstetten follow the B119 to Ardagger. 

Public transportation

Take the Bus from Linz.


At the Ardagger Markt

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