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Millstätter See

To come in contact with the waters of Lake Millstatt...

Swim together into the sunrise, feel the *velvet soft lake water, dive through the rising wafts of mist and breathe in the clear air.
While hiking in the bay in a rowing boat along the wooded southern shore,...
Take off your shoes, walk from stone to stone, feel the soft water on your feet, take a seat on the bench in Lake Millstätter See and enjoy the view of the Nockberge mountains... with friends in the beach bar, dip your feet in the warm sand, get a cocktail served, relax and watch the waves,...

Longing for the sunset, taking a seat on the island for two, feeling the closeness of the other, enjoying... protected by the stars in the firmament... Seeberührungen® around Lake Millstätter See.
Getting in touch with water and mountains in a sensual way - Lake Millstätter See, the jewel in Carinthia, offers this eventful holiday with its lake and mountain touches®, which let you experience the lake and its nature in a new and emotional way.
Whether hiking the "Via Paradiso", letting your gaze wander over the lake from the starry balcony, enjoying the moments of encounter at the energy places of the world mountain Mirnock, discovering the unspoilt southern shore in a rowing boat, dining in the middle of the water or simply circling the lake by bike - for all these and even more sensory adventures stands the Millstätter See, the jewel in Carinthia.

With a water volume of 1,200 million m³, a area of 1,328 ha and a depth of 141 m, Lake Millstätter See is the lake with the most water in Carinthia. In summer the water temperature is up to 26°C.

Typical for Lake Millstätter See is the terraced topography: The lake - at 600 m above sea level - forms the first step. The second step - at 900 m - is the high plateau, which extends from the east to the west shore of the lake. Finally, at 2,000 m, the third step - the Millstätter Alpe - is located.

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Millstätter See - Bad Kleinkirchheim - Nockberge Tourismusmanagement GmbH
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Str. 49, A-9872 Millstatt am See

+43 4766 3700 0
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Sea level
588 m
13.28 km²
141 m


01.05.2022 - 31.10.2022

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