Krakau in der Steiermark

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**Welcome to the Styrian Krakow**.

Nestled between the Sölkpass and the Preber lies the hiking area of the Styrian Krakow. With countless peaks, mountain lakes, alpine pastures and huts, the Günster waterfall (65m drop height) and a natural flora and fauna, the Krakau is considered an insider tip for passionate nature lovers.

*The best air in Austria
The Styrian Krakow carries the predicate "climatic health resort". More and more, Krakow is being visited by fitness and health-conscious guests for whom holistic well-being is important.

The side valleys such as the Prebertal, Rantental, and Etrachtal attract visitors not only with views of countless peaks and Törl, but also with the purity of crystal clear mountain lakes.

The selection ranges from leisurely local hikes to the valley's power spots, cultural discovery tours, guided adventure hikes, hikes to rustic alpine huts and clear mountain lakes, to challenging mountain tours.

Here is an excerpt of our most popular summit tours:
Preber (2,740 m), Roteck (2,742 m), Tockneralm (2,457 m), Predigtstuhl (2,545 m), Ruprechtseck(2591 m), Hubenbauertörl (2,051 m), Bauleiteck (2,500 m),
Süßleiteck (2.507 m) and many more.

Cosy hikes to recharge your batteries and switch off: Günster waterfall, nature trail, Schattensee, Prebersee, Rudolf Schoberhütte, Wildkarseen, Grazerhütte, Prebertal, Möslhütte, Prebertörl, Rantental, Ebenhandlhütte, Rantensee, Rantentörl, bathing pond & Kalvarienberg in Krakaudorf and much more.

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Leisure tips Krakau in der Steiermark

Krakau in der Steiermark
Krakau in der Steiermark
Krakau in der Steiermark

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Wanderregion und Bergsteigerdorf Krakau
Krakauhintermühlen 34b, A-8854 Krakau

+43 3532 2720

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