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600 million years in 90 minutes! An ideal family program for all weather conditions!

600 million years of geology in just 6000 seconds - those in a hurry can explore the primeval forest of Gosau in about 100 minutes. Those who would like to take it easy in the 12.000 m² family adventure park with its nine main stations from the Precambrian (around four billion years ago - 600 million years ago) to the Quaternary (around 2.6 million years ago to this day) will have enough time - the ticket is valid for a whole day.

In the primeval forest, the most important evolutionary steps and their most famous representatives from the animal and plant kingdom are presented.

The journey through the millions of years begins in the middle of a walkable jellyfish - about 2 meters in length - symbolizing the origin of life in the water. Continue to the trilobite, to the first fish, the very first amphibians, the giant insects of the Carboniferous, into the desert-like age of the Perm up to the dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous period.

All stations invite you to a playful and athletic challenge - whether you are balancing on the back of the three-meter trilobite "Anomalcaris" in the shallow water or swinging on the prehistoric giant dragonfly through the forest. The absolute highlight is the flight on the back of a pterodactyl from the family Pteranodons - with his five meters span, he glides with four people through the primeval forest.

In the final stone-age area, the life and culture of the prehistoric man is brought to life - for example, when firing with chopped limestone or when fishing with the prehistoric raft; and those who want to go higher, climb on the life-size mammoth and watch the whole park from 3 meters height.

100 minutes or 6000 seconds pass by too fast - fortunately there is still a central snack station, where the guests can grill themselves. Visitors of all ages move through the Gosau primeval forest in a playful way through 600 million years of earth history, and behind every tree a surprise awaits - all in the wonderful mountain air of the Inner Salzkammergut. True to the motto: Gosau is geology

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The park is opened during the summer holidays only in good weather and closed on rainy days!

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