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Wellness oasis with barefootpath at the Gipfel lake

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A very special mountain's summit at the adventures waiting for you. Here you feel for the mountain with your feet and enjoy as the nature of the empathic Article

Your relaxing- and pleasure location with a barefoot path, a bouncing steep track and special seat- and couch elements, an unique mountain-idyll in the Alps.
Go shoeless! Step like a stork over the barefoot path and afterwards through the refreshing water of the reservoir and boost your quality of life and your blood circulation. To go shoeless has many positive impacts on the mental state. You feel at ease with the nature. At the time when the glorious mountain landscape is reflected in the reservoir – you will be sold on this spectacle!

New this summer is the bouncing steep track at the reservoir, in which you have to cross swimming islands with a lot of bravery and cleverness.
Oasis of quietness with unique seat- and couch elements invite you to rest, to relax and to feel good.
After the recovery you have the possibility for a stop in the „Wengeralm“, which is open daily!

Gipfelbahn-Fulseck estate 2013
giovedì - domenica 09. -30.05.2013, 10. - 13.10.2013, 17. - 20.10.2013 e 24. - 27.10.2013
aperto ogni giorno dal 30.05 al 06.10.2013
tempo di percorrenza ore 8.30, 9.00, 9.30 - 11.30 e 13.00 - 15.30 ogni 30 minuti
ultimo azionamento in descesa a 16.00
ultimo azionamento la metà 16.30

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