Donau Oberösterreich

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Donau Oberösterreich
254 - 603m

Hardly any other region is as varied as the Danube region. Numerous landscapes, which could not be more different, accompany the river from Passau via Linz to Vienna and offer breathtaking insights and views into a fabulously beautiful country.

The Donauradweg is, according to ADFC-Radreiseanalyse 2010, the most popular cycle route in Germany. No wonder, since the route from the Bavarian-Upper Austrian three-river city of Passau to the Austrian capital Vienna offers pure variety for the pedal knights: wonderful landscapes and numerous cultural highlights line the way and make this section of the Danube Cycle Path a very special experience.

Since July 2010, this fabulous diversity of natural and cultural landscapes has been linked not only by the Danube Cycle Path, but also by the 450 kilometer long Danube Trail. Under the motto "simply fabulous " it offers hikers from Passau to Grein extraordinary insights and views into the equally varied and captivating landscapes along the Danube. Forty-one Danube circuits lead into the hinterland, thus enabling an intensive experience of the entire Bavarian-Upper Austrian Danube region and offering suitable offers for every type of hiker. Whether you are an excursion hiker, a stage hiker, a long-distance hiker or an enjoyable hiker - on the Donausteig, everyone really gets their money's worth.

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