Cinque Terre della Val Gandino

453 - 614m
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Cinque Terre della Val Gandino
453 - 614m

A proud land with its own identity and history, this area is the homeland of the masters of wool and textiles, as well as a valley of gold and maize.

Those are the Cinque Terre, with the superb Gandino, the admirable village centre including the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, the Palazzo Giovanelli and the historic museum and the wonderful Casnigo, which founded the ancient art of the SS.

Trinità (Sistine Chapel of the valleys) with the freedom of a social theatre and the modernity of the agricultural industry. Then there is Cazzano S. Andrea with its medieval towers, the natural ‘balcony’ of Peia and the hard-working vivaciousness of Leffe.

For those who love nature, there are Mounts Farno and Croce, with their walks and cross country ski runs … Cinque Terre for a unique, great Val Gandino.


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IAT Val Seriana e Val di Scalve
via Europa 111/c, I-24028 Ponte Nossa

+39 035 704063
+39 035 0662593

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