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Welcome to Chiesa in Valmalenco!

The mountain village Chiesa is considered as the capital of the Valmalenco and located in the immediate vicinity of Sondrio. Chiesa - at 800 meters above sea level - is accessable from Sondrio by an initially narrow incised valley that then turns into an open and beautiful mountain landscape, determined by the highest peaks, the easterly Pizzo Scalino (3,323 m) and the Piz Bernina (4,048 m) to the north at the border with Grisons.

Chiesa in Valmalenco and its districts Caspoggio and Lanzada launched into a tourist area over the years due to its modern ski resort, with good accommodation supply and wider infrastructure for leisure and sport.

The ski resort in the beautiful scenery of the Alpe Palù presents itself with 36 km of slopes, as well as a modern snowpark. Nordic cross-country skiers will find an abundant supply of well-groomed trails in the high valleys.

In summer, the focus is on the dense network of trails in the context of historical and ethnographic heritage. The paths lead from one hut to the next and offer the possibility of excursions, crossings and climbs of varying difficulty.

You can visit the parish church of SS James and Philip with paintings by Ligari and the Madonna delle Grazie (XVII century).

Besides tourism the extraction and processing of stones, such as serpentine and steatite, plays an important economic role, which are used for the production of the typical and famous soapstone pots (ital. "Lavecc").

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Consorzio Turistico Sondrio e Valmalenco
Località Vassalini, I-23023 Chiesa Valmalenco

+39 0342 451150
+39 0342 454514

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