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Čatež ob Savi

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Čatež ob Savi


The village of Čatež ob Savi is situated on the right bank of the Sava River, nestling among the eastern edge of the Gorjanci Hills and Šentviška gora.

It is connected to Brežice with the longest bridge on the Sava in Slovenia, and 1.5 km from the village is Čateške Toplice, a natural health resort and base of Terme Čatež Company. The health resort runs a rich sports and recreation programme.

With expansive water areas, it attracts patients, holidaymakers and day trippers alike. In the nearby flat and fertile land of Čateška gmajna hot springs are utilised in greenhouses.


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Čatež ob Savi

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TIC Brežice
Cesta prvih borcev 22, SI-8250 Brežice

+386 7 4966995

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