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Long distance cycling

Danube Cycle Path Stage 1 South Bank: Passau - Schlögen

Long distance cycling
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Danube Cycle Path Stage 1...

Long distance cycling

Tour dates
280 - 335m
Brief description

A Water Elevator and the Green Lizard

Starting point


Best season
The Route to the north or to the south – This is the first question you need to answer when starting your first stage, as you can approach your destination for today on both banks of the Danube. No matter what choice you make: Before you start, you have a lot of time to visit Passau’s sights like the old town, the residence and St. Stephen’s cathedral (q.v. E1-S). As soon as you crossed the Ilz on the Luitpold-bridge, two fortresses, Ober – and Niederhaus, wave you goodbye from the Three River City. Oberhaus, which used to be the residence of the bishop of Passau, is now hosting a city museum and a medieval museum.

Soon after you can already enjoy the view of the very impressive and sunny south hillsides of the nature reserve Donauleiten, home to cyclamen, the gorgeous Turk’s cap lily and the shimmering green lizard. Through the village Erlau we continue the journey to Obernzell, where, in a bulky castle just next to the river, you can visit a pottery museum. As you continue your journey you are accompanied by the view of the enormous castle keep of the fortress Vichtenstein (12th century) on the other side of the river. On that side you can also see the Haugstein (895m) looming out of the „Sauwald“(forest), as it is the highest exaltation of the area.

The Nature Adventure Centre „Haus am Strom“ was being shaped like „wave and pebble stone“ by the architects and is welcoming you amongst others with a special water elevator. Additionally, a variety of interesting and fun tours through the nature can make the flora and fauna of the area more approachable to you. Afterwards, if the sight of the monastery Engelszell on the other side of the river is making you curious, you can cross the Danube over the power station Jochenstein. On the north bank however you will soon reach Niederanna (Danube Bridge), where a local barge constructor is offering you a boat trip on the Danube. Now you are close to the ferry that will bring you to Schlögen.

Passau - Innstadt - Pyrawang - Kasten - Engelhartszell - Kramesau - Niederranna - Wesenufer - Schlögen

Route description

From the Passau Hauptbahnhof (train station) you start first northward until you meet the Danube. Here, you turn right and follow the road up to the glass museum, where you turn right onto the Schrottgasse (alley). Here a trip to the St. Stephen's Cathedral, which has since 1928 the largest cathedral organ in the world, is definitely worth while. After crossing the River Inn, you continue downstream on narrow and winding paths up to two small wooded Islands. 

At Höhe von Erlau - a village on the other side of the river - the Danube begins a striking left turn. The Castle Krämpelstein, which often also is called the Schneiderschlössel, is located here. It consists of both a tower and a palace. The walls are still partially preserved. Already here you can marvel at the nature reserve Donauleiten on the other shore: it marks the southern edge of the Bavarian Forest and boasts enormous variety and stunning Botany. In Pyrawang a quick visit into the small church of Peter is worth while, as Gothic wall paintings from the 14th century were discovered during restoration work.  

In Engelhartszell the Trappist monastery and the mini-Danube (with large aquarium) are real highlights. Here, you should cross the river with the ferry, to not cycle on the busy main road. You stay until the completion of the new cycle path on the South shore on the north side. In Niederranna, heading back on the South side of the Danube, where you cross the Wesenufer located directly on the river, and take the newly-constructed Danube bike trail (from spring 2014) to Schlögen. Soon you take a first look at the ruin of Haichenbach and then you reach the first milestone: Schlögen.

Highest point
335 m



Follow the E56 to the exit Passau-Mitte (116) and continue on the B12 in the direction  Fürstenzell/Donau. At the Danube turn right onto the B8/ Regensburger Straße and follow the signs to the train station (Bahnhof).

Public transportation

Take the train to Passau main train station.


Parking in Passau.

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