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BERGFEX: Region Bad Radkersburg: Holiday Region Bad Radkersburg - Travel Region Bad Radkersburg

Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark

Region Bad Radkersburg


Region Bad Radkersburg


Welcome to the Region of Bad Radkersburg

Whoever is looking for the most beautiful region at the most beautiful time of year need look no further – it doesn’t get better than this.

The only thing a guest to the region of Bad Radkersburg needs is time. Because it takes a lot of time to enjoy all of what’s offered. An historical town, uniting a well preserved witness of time with a lively shopping town, presenting itself as a pivot for the new Europe, a special spa resort, the water of which is not only relaxing but above all healing, a surrounding area which offers the ideal environment for cyclists, hikers, jogging fanatics and bon vivants with its idyllic river meadows and vineyards alike, a paradise for lovers of precious wines and for friends of tradition and contemporary art. Take your time.

Tourism Office
Hauptplatz 14, A-8490 Bad Radkersburg
T:+43 3476 2545

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Region Bad Radkersburg
Region Bad Radkersburg
Region Bad Radkersburg
Region Bad Radkersburg

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Contact Region Bad Radkersburg

Tourismusverband Region Bad Radkersburg
Hauptplatz 14, AT-8490 Bad Radkersburg

+43 (0)3476 2545
Region Bad Radkersburg
+43 (0)3476 2545 25

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