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Superpark Planai – Shredding in bloom - Superpark Planai


Superpark Planai – Shredding in bloom

05/07/2019, 10:35
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Superpark Planai

The season is slowly coming to an end and you haven’t stomped that one trick yet? Don’t worry. The Superpark will be open for one more month and now’s the perfect time for your personal progression.

We’ve reached the beginning of April, the meteorological spring has arrived and this is not just shown by the first flowers in the valley. Superpark Planai is also in full bloom and therefore in perfect conditions. ‘Cause we all know: spring time is progression time. Yet, knowing wasn’t enough for Elena, Bernd and Simon which is why they had to pay Schladming a visit.

“Spring sessions are the best”, Elena says. “With the park being slushy and the sun being out, the vibes are simply over the top”, the Italian snowboarder smiles. “That’s when it’s easiest to find progression ‘cause you’re full of energy. I feel like I’m blooming like a flower and I can push myself to the limit!” Elena prefers doing that on the rails. In her edit, she’s shredding with style which only seems natural knowing her background: “My specials are rails ‘cause I’m coming from a skateboarding background. And I feel like that’s quite similar!”

Freeskier Simon from Gastein agrees with Elena: “Spring really is the best time for progression. You can try many new tricks when the landings are slushy. In the worst case you crash softly.” However, once the temperatures rise, the challenges for the setup do too! “What I liked best was the fact that the landings were real slushy, yet the take-offs were compact and hard. The conditions were perfect”, Simon nods towards Park Designer Pavel. Soft landings, hard take-offs and Elena confirms that even the in-run speed was perfect although it was quite warm.

Creativity is king

Nevertheless, to snowboarder Bernd, one thing is even more important than soft landings, hard take-offs and all of that: creativity. “I appreciate it when people maintain a park’s creativity and you can try different lines. Superpark Planai checks all the boxes and has everything you need.” Bernd likes to come to Superpark Planai especially in the spring time because he prefers to shred lines with many creative features instead of sending big kickers. “To me, the Superpark is a perfect match because you can perfectly try new tricks on the setup here,” Bernd says happily. Simon joins in and agrees: “It’s fun here at Planai because you get to shred multiple obstacles in one line. Anyone here can come up with a creative run. And that’s just great!”

Before leaving, Elena has a truckload of nice things to say about the park and the resort that wants to be spread: “It was my first time at Superpark Planai and I really enjoyed the park and the whole mountain. I love that the resort is not that high because I like the forest. The view is super nice.”

There you go, here’s your proof: Spring time is progression time! So, come and join us and honor this incredible season by shredding some more slushy sessions! Until the season end, you can find all info and photos from Superpark Planai on Facebook, Instagram and our website.



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