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Blue Tomato Plan P – Freestyle-Showdown at Planai - Superpark Planai


Blue Tomato Plan P – Freestyle-Showdown at Planai

03/01/2018, 12:11
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Superpark Planai

*Last weekend a whole bunch of riders from a whole bunch of different countries competed with each other at the Blue Tomato Plan P. With bluebird, a sweet contest line, fine sounds, BBQ and a cake, the Planai hosted one big freestyle party last Saturday.*

The Blue Tomato Plan P grew far beyond the Austrian borders: Riders with different nationalities have signed up for the second stop of the QParks Tour at the Superpark Planai. Some of them came all the way from Iceland to ride for the Junior National Team. Together with riders from nine other nationalities they shredded the advanced line and proved their skills.

Straight outta World Cup, right into Superpark Planai

For Alois Lindmoser (AUT), the arrival at Planai was kind of stressful. Just one day before Blue Tomato Plan P was going down, Alois shredded at the snowboard world cup in Aspen/Colorado. One day and thousands of kilometers later he showed no sign of a jetlag whatsoever. He marched through qualification without any problems and even managed to improve during the finals. He won right before Baldur Vilhelmsson (ISL) and Jeremy Gerritson (NLD). Alois also managed to win the best trick category with his Switch Backside Rodeo 9 Indy and now has 100€ more to spend at Blue Tomato. The world cup rider was happy to shred in his home country once again. “It´s really cool today. I just arrived yesterday and luckily had the time to get up to Planai. The weather was great today, the park in perfect shape and I know almost everyone around here.”
For the category “Snowboard Women” an Italian shredqueen had the best score: Federica Sola (ITA) won the contest, followed by Tinkara Tanja Valcl (SLO) and Emma Lantos (AUT). The Groms were led by Lukas Frischhut (AUT), Kuhar Ozbe (SLO) and Anej Herzenjak (SLO) finished second and third.

Third Place on the Home Turf

In the category “Freeski Men” one rider enjoyed a little home advantage: Fabian Mühringer (AUT) is part of the shapecrew at the Superpark Planai and definitely had more than one session at the Superpark Planai this winter. With a Rightside Flat 5 Screaming Seaman he sent it big time and landed on the third place. Fabian was only beaten by Luca Pichler (AUT) and the winner Patrick Schuchter (AUT). Patrick also showed the best trick by stomping a Switch Bio 9 Mute.
The category “Freeski Women” was dominated by Aliah-Delia Eichinger (DEU), she won in front of Selina Jäger (AUT) and Greta Staudacher (AUT). Aliah-Delia was impressed by all the girls starting at the Blue Tomato Plan P: “It was a great day! Really talented girls took part and it was a blast riding with them. There were so many young girls who were really motivated to take part at the contest, it really was a great day!”
The Freeski Groms category was won by Daniel Bacher (AUT). Matej Svancer (AUT) and Elias Wechner (AUT) were second and third.

Kings of Airtime

For the first time ever, the Woosports Airtime Award was handed out during this year’s QParks Tour Stop at the Planai. There, the airtime of all riders was measured, usingthe mobile tracking device of WOO. The rider with the most airtime in the categories freeski and snowboard won one WOO device each. Loris Rudigier (AUT) has spent a total of 1:06 minutes flying high and thus won the freeskiers’ category. Sergey Sanzhapov (UKR) won the snowboarders’ category by sending it for a total of 26 seconds.

No Party without Cake

At the chill area, every rider had the chance to feast on the free BBQ provided by Blue Tomato or to simply enjoy some tea while getting ready for the next run. But the worthy completion of the event was the birthday cake that was brought into the park that day to celebrate not one but two birthdays: 15 years QParks and 10 years Superpark Planai.


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