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News Snowpark Superpark Les Crosets - News Funpark Superpark Les Crosets

Superpark Les Crosets

News/Blog Superpark Les Crosets


Wednesday is night sessions in the park

02/23/2017, 16:19

Its not often hat you can ride at night, specially during the week. We offer an open BBQ and more than 12 illuminated obstacles until 9.30 pm. Get you night pass for only 22.- Sfr !!

new obstacles every weekend

02/23/2017, 16:16

We try to shape new creative obstacles before every weekend.

Come and check our shred zone, no matter what is yor level of riding we guaranty optimal fun.

latest news on our facebook

02/02/2017, 14:02

If you need the latest news about the park, activities, community, check out our facebook

Everything you need to know about the park in terms of information you will find on our facebook page Superpark Crosets.

Follow us on Instagram @superparkch

01/30/2017, 17:52


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