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Snowpark Superpark Les Crosets - Funpark Superpark Les Crosets - Park Champéry / Portes du Soleil - Snowboarden

Superpark Les Crosets

Champéry / Portes du Soleil

We aim to match the expectations of all of our users. Our philosophy is based on leisure and keeping riders in a safe environment.

We want users to improve progressively and having the best time as possible. Our new crew is working hard to make this happen. Multiple, unique in-design-obstacles and courses, longer lines with additional latest-trend in freestyle features (up to 40 new rails and boxes) will be offered to riders for a more progressive way of riding the slopes.


Ski resort Champéry / Portes du Soleil

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Snow statistics

Today, 05:07 350 cm 100 cm 0 of 197
  Mountain Location Open lifts

Champéry - Les Crosets

Sea level
1800 m
500 m

We have extended in 2017 the construction area to the natural canyons and a part of the slope rarely used, this allows to build much longer lines.
Several lines for distinctive types of users are being built in order to maximize the progression factor.
The left line is dedicated to beginners with a sequence of fun obstacles. This minishred type of construction is also being used by more experienced riders.
The middle lines are a bit more progressive but still accessible to beginners and kids depending on route that is being ridden. Riders that want to progress will choose the variety of courses offered in these lines.
The right lane is more technical but still safe.

Earth-based elements
Built on semi-protected zone the park cant benefit from artificial preforms. Nevertheless the terrain is natural benefited by favorable terrain allowing different courses for a wide variety of users.

left line \"EASY\"

11 Elemente

straight Box
4m long
tabletop Kicker
roll in, 4m table
tabletop Corner
6m long, 4m high
stepdown Kicker
5m table, 8m landing
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 4m table
4 easy rollers (Waveroller)
kinked Box
flat, 6m long
rollercoaster Box
flat, 6m long
fat box (Box)
flat, 9m long
fat box rainbowed (Box)
flat, 9m long
rollercoaster fat box 9m (Box)
flat, 9m long

MIddle line \"SHRED\"

8 Elemente

double rainbow rails (Rail)
roller, 8m long
tube rainbow (Rail)
snow pyramide, 5m long, 10cm wide
Hip double 6m (Corner)
butter Box
snow pyramide, 6m long
fat tube pyramid (Rail)
6m long
straight fat tube hip (Rail)
snow pyramide, 6m long
ball spine (Specials)
3m long
spine tank (Specials)
snow pyramide, 3m long

double right line \"Medium and expert\"

4 Elemente

Fat tube straight (Rail)
flat, 8m long
Kinked fat tube 8m (Rail)
8m long
rollercoaster box 9m (Box)
battleship box 8m (Box)


3 Elemente

kinked Rail
down-flat-down-flat, 9m long, 10cm wide
straight down fat tube 8m (Rail)
quarter to bench 6m (Specials)

Weitere Informationen

700 Hours
Shaper lessons per season

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