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Snowpark Snowpark Nassfeld - Funpark Snowpark Nassfeld - Park Nassfeld - Snowboarden

Snowpark Nassfeld

Snowpark Nassfeld


Freestylers looking for some serious airtime should head to the Nassfeld Snowpark near the Gartnerkofel chairlift.
The Kicker Line comprises four kickers to catapult advanced skiers and boarders up to 14 metres through the air, while the smaller Beginner Line has a number of jumps and obstacles for beginners and intermediates.

Ski resort Nassfeld

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Snowpark Nassfeld



  • Flat Box 4 m
  • Rainbow Box 2 m
  • Kicker Box 2m & Butterbox 3 m
  • Flat Box 2 m
  • Updown Tube 3 & 3 m
  • Wave Box 6 m
  • Quarter


  • Industry Down Pipe 6 m
  • Flat Down Kinked Box 3 & 6 m
  • Pole Jam 3 m & Lollipop
  • 2 Corners
  • Double Kink Tube 3 & 3 & 3 m
  • Flat Rail 6 m
  • Down Donkey 9 m
  • Quarter

Kicker Line

4 Elemente

tabletop Kicker
8m table
tabletop Kicker
10m table
tabletop Kicker
12m table
tabletop Kicker
14m table

Public Line

6 Elemente

wallride Specials
up, 3m high
straight Box
3m long
butter Box
flat, 3m long
straight Rail
flat, 6m long
softbow Box
6m long
curved Box
6m long

Beginner Line

3 Elemente

Up&Down (Box)
3m long
rainbow Box
3m long
straight Box
flat, 3m long

!!! BRAND NEW !!!

2 Elemente

low (Box)
flat-down, 9m long
metal Pipeslide
flat, 6m long

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