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Snowpark Snowpark Grasgehren - Funpark Snowpark Grasgehren - Park Grasgehren Lifte / Obermaiselstein - Snowboarden

Snowparks Bayern

Snowpark Grasgehren


Snowpark Grasgehren

Grasgehren Lifte / Obermaiselstein

Ski resort Grasgehren Lifte / Obermaiselstein

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Snowpark Grasgehren

Sea level
1400 m
300 m

crazy things happend recently in Snowboarding, brands which disappeared from the market, core shops which closed. Events and camps which didn´t even reach the level of planning or got canceled. Established print magazines are gone and get digitalised.
Even Grasgehren needs to step back a bit, they were looking around for brands who see Snowboarding for what it is.Snowboarding is a sport with roots, a sport without rules, its a lifestyle which spirit is spread far beyond the slopes.Its based on community, through it you get in touch with nature and having a great time with friends. In Snowboarding you can see a brand as yourself who wants to integrate, support and identify with conviction.
Grasgehren is a small ski resort, whithout the best infrastructure, without the newest skilifts, without the superiour snow machines or a big tourism culture on which you could get jealous.
Grasgehren is still the small, snowy and sleepy resort which you know from the past. Every now and then you nd some T-bar lifts and a chairlift which doesnt oer you any comfort. Its one of these rare places where you everybody greets. A place where you stepped first on a snowboard or you landed your first 180. The only reason you go there is SNOWBOARDING, no matter which conditions. Grasgehren is still the little ski resort with heart and soul.
As we go on we need to shout out a big thanks and goodbye to Salomon Snowboards, Bonre Snowboarding, Volcom and Boardershop Lindau. With them we had an awesome time, great events and many unforgetable moments. They made Snowboarding to something special where everybody was able to be part of it.
Without the support of the industry Grasgehren couldnt be able to go on like they do now. They are happy and thanksful about partners like Killersh, Blue Tomato and Meckatzer and of course they found some new sponsors too, who are believing in their philosophie.


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