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Snowpark Snowpark Gerlitzen - Funpark Snowpark Gerlitzen - Park Gerlitzen Alpe - Snowboarden

Snowpark Gerlitzen

Snowpark Gerlitzen

Gerlitzen Alpe

For Kids and those who never grew older - an experience for all freestylers!

The Gerlitze-Kids-Snow Park is located in the middle station Kanzelhöhe and is designed for children and beginners.

Elements in the park: fun-tubes tub, Kids Flat Box, Kids Up & Down Box, Kids rainbow box and multiple waves and jumps.

The Gerlitze is popular for many years with snowboarders and freeskiers. In addition to the Snow Park the mountain holds ready natural tracks, cornices, jumps and off-piste options..

Ski resort Gerlitzen Alpe

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.


Sea level
2100 m
410 m

Obstacles in the snow-park: Funtube, Kids Flat-Box, Kids Up&Down-Box, Kids Rainbow-Box, some more waves and jums.

Earth-based elements
There are some preformed earth constructions for the jumps and bigger jib obstacles to enable riding in the early season and of course to save some snow for building some additional obstacles made out of snow. Like in every other park in the alps the condition/state of the park depends on the snow conditions. In the future the park will also get some new obstacles and the park will be stretched on the whole Klösterle Slope.
Corner Jump 10m (Kicker)
Flat Butter-Box 4m (Box)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 6m (Kicker)
Wanne Tube 4m (Pipeslide)
Wave Run Jump (Kicker)
Flat Butter-Box 6m (Box)
Rainbow Butter-Box 5m (Box)
Up/Down Butter-Box 5m (Box)
Wave Butter-Box 6m (Box)
Waverun Jump m (Kicker)
Waverun Jump m (Kicker)
Waverun Jump m (Kicker)
Waverun Jump m (Kicker)
Waverun Jump m (Kicker)

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