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Afritz Jibgarden - G-TAL / Nocky Mountains

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Afritz Jibgarden - G-TAL / Nocky Mountains

Gerlitzen Alpe

Through the closeness to the two bigger cities, Villach and Spittal, and the central position in the välley many riders just come up after school or work for a nice session in the Jibpark.
The obstacles are pretty mellow and there are many jibs for every riding level so you can train on your tech skills. There is just one smaller jump but you can have fun on it anyway and you don´t have to be afraid that you will fall hard or barely make it over the table.
The Afritz Jibgarden is also part of the G-TAL Tour which is a Snowpark Tour in the G-TAL / Area ,,Nockberge" for Snowboarders and Freestyle Skiers.
The legendary Mirnock has also some smaller backcountry spots to offer, but you have to be aware that on the upper part of the resort the area is pretty steep and the cliffs and spots are hidden in this area. If you are friendly to the locals they maybe will show you some spots.

Every year there gonna be some new obstacles different variation of rails and tubes ..perfect for your boardfeeling and to have fun!

Ski resort Gerlitzen Alpe

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Am 26. Mai 2022 startet der Bergfrühling auf der Gerlitzen Alpe. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen!

Mayer Steilhang - G-TAL Jibgarden

Sea level
800 m
50 m

Der Jibpark liegt jetz im östlichen G-TAL herunten, genauer in Afritz am See - Mayer Steilhang, gleich neben der Millstätter Bundesstrasse!

Es kommen jedes Jahr neue Geräte besonders neue Rail-Variationen und Tubes.

Earth-based elements
Der Park liegt auf natürlichem Gelände, das eine perfekt Form und Neigung für den Aufbau eines Snowparks aufweist. Der Park liegt in einem Hang, der sobald Schneefall einsetzt, sehr lange befahrbar ist durch den günstigen Winkel. So pray for snow!

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