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Snowpark Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP - Funpark Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP - Park Ischgl - Snowboarden

Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP

Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP


The ISCHGL SMART PARK & CROSS is possibly the biggest "one piece - top to bottom" Snow Park in the Alps.

  • 4 Freestyle Lines (Pro, Medium, Public, Rookie) each offer between 18 - 24 elements in a line from start to finish. In total we maintain during the 2014/15 season 70 to 90 takeoffs in the SMART PARK
  • 2 Ski & Boarder Cross Lines in our TWIN SMART CROSS - choose between SPEED or FAMILY CROSS. Along the tracks you can ride 60+ elements, means 15 banked turns and about 50 rollers)

The Upper VELLIL Park Area / elevation 2600m is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders and starts with 7 Wave Rollers beside 4 Roller Kickers and 4 Slides.
2 Snowboxes beside 3 Rails followed by 3 Tabletop Kicker Lines ending in a Snow Pyramide (Stepup Kicker & Double Corner) and 2 SPCtubes. Even pro riders have fun by using it as a warm up line for the following IDALP Propark.

ATTENTION !! between VELILL park & IDALP park areas we have 2 SLOPE CROSSINGs!!! Slow down !!

The Lower IDALP Propark area / elevation 2450m offers the extended Quattro Kicker Pro Line (21m/15m/15m/13m) with left & right hand Hip options. 2 Public Quattro Kicker Lines (medium/8m and easy/5m) and a 6 Elemets Jibb roller line aside. The end section brings you around 20 slide obstacles, some combined with snowboxes.
Right there is the PS Vita Park Container with Sound System, Chill Area.and BIG AIRBAG

Ski resort Ischgl

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Current information

Today, 12:17 5 of 45
  Open lifts

PARAREA I "All fun"

Sea level
2620 m
1,100 m

*The Velill park area has lines for beginners, intermediate and pro riders and consists of the upper wave roller section, the middle jibb section and the lower kicker section.

Earth-based elements
We have no earth shapes in the Velill parkarea, but *90000 m³ of snowmaking guarantee perfect elements all with long landing areas* from begin of Dezember.

PARKAREA 2: „Improve your skills“

Sea level
2500 m
600 m

The IDALP park area is accessable by 3 seperate entrances for the 2 Prolines, 2 Publiclines and 2 Rookie/Kidslines. They all are reachable after riding the VELILL park lines followed by a speed bump track of 500m lengh and crossings of 2 slopes !! PAY ATTENTION !!
Each of the 4 Idalp snowlines and 3 raillines consist of 6-9 elements rideable in a flow
The 2 pro contest lines are set up as followed - stepup rollers 18m/15m - 2 stepup kickers 19m/16m - 2 stepup snowbutterbox kickers IN with 16m/13m - 2 tabletop box kickers OUT 12m/8m ( polejam and wallride options on the right side) - SPCtube reductionslide 30cm to 20cm DM 7m - SPCtube updown 2m
The slide Proline offers 3 SPCtubes 20cm DM and one with 30cm DM followed by 2 high SPCthirdtube snowboxes, a Lollopop and the Mushroompyramide. Beside this Jibline you can ride the 2 most frequented quattro kicker lines with table as follows 9m/5m - 10m/6m - 10m/6m - 11m/7m. To the right is the beginner and kids roler section with various easy jibs.

Earth-based elements
The IDALP park area has a rolling earth base plus 100000m³ of snowmaking.

Weitere Informationen

180,000 m³/Season
1,800 Hours
Shaper lessons per season

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