Sanesession 2013 Recap! - Sane Rinn Jib Park


Sanesession 2013 Recap!

04/16/2013, 13:20
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Words can hardly describe what it’s like to shred your favorite park for the last time with all the homies around. Getting emotional, riding lines on shredorphine and feeling like a ten year old again are legitimate consequences of such an event. Big up to Steve Grumser, Alex Acs, Lorenz Vyslozil and everyone else who was killing the setup – you’ve helped us save a lot of work on deconstructing the park!
Thanks to Method Mag and all our Sponsors.SP, Xdouble, Sweet Dream, Deeluxe Snowboardboots, Völkl Snowboards, Horsefeathers, Union Bindings, Niffa Eyewear, CLWR, and Pure Surf Camp.
Special thanks to everyone who showed up! Sane loves you!


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