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Shred Session in the new Snowpark Obergurgl - Snowpark Obergurgl


Shred Session in the new Snowpark Obergurgl

03/27/2018, 08:57
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Snowpark Obergurgl

Quality Check at the Diamond of the Alps – The new Snowpark Obergurgl. When the snow is glittering in the backlight, the sun is shining and the obstacles are freshly shaped, the conditions are ideal for a shred session at Snowpark Obergurgl. And if there’s a professional media crew around plus some motivated riders, nothing stands in the way of having a sweet film- and photoshoot!

While spring has already come around in many areas of Austria, riders are still welcomed by wintery shred conditions in Obergurgl. Ideal preconditions for a film- and photoshoot! The freeskiers Gabriel Handle and Simon Gritsch and snowboarders Fabian Fraidl and Raphi Stifter made use of the weather and shredded at Snowpark Obergurgl for the cameras.

“It was a really casual and laid-back shooting with a really cool crew!”, Gabriel Handle summarizes. A fact that’s clearly visible in the edits and photos: Filmer, photographer and riders had a great day! The riders not only got to show their skills in front of a camera, but also got to shred the venue of the QParks Tour finale. This winter, the Snowpark Obergurgl was moved to the Steinmannbahn and the setup was extended: Now all medium and advanced riders have their own playground in Obergurgl!

Lana, Siena and Anna from the Diamond Girls Crew joined the guys on their shred session too. The shaperesses of the all-girls-shapecrew have worked countless hours on their snowpark and shred their home base daily.

So, what’s the conclusion of the guys? “One of the highlights is definitely the location of the park: Not directly next to the slope, situated a bit offside – and still that view!”, Gabriel was impressed. “And the best part is that the park is located right next to the chairlift. Means you get to shred a lot of runs!”, Simon adds. However, not just the location but also the setup itself convinced the riders. “The order of the different obstacles is really cool.”, Raphi states. All in all, they gave the Diamond Girls Crew “a big thumbs up – a super nice setup for the park’s first season!

On this shred day they did not only shoot two edits but also a 360°-video! Now you’re able to shred aside the crew and experience Snowpark Obergurgl in 360 degrees. After watching these edits, you’re definitely going to want to put on your board or your skis once again – see you at the park then!

By the way: The Diamond Girls Crew has rebuilt the entire setup in the last few days and now you can shred the contest setup for the grand QParks Tour Finale!



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