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Snowpark quattro Snow Park Obergurgl - Funpark quattro Snow Park Obergurgl - Park Obergurgl - Hochgurgl - Snowboarden

quattro Snow Park Obergurgl

quattro Snow Park Obergurgl

Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

quattro Snow Park Obergurgl – Shaped by Girls only

Soon, we will be kicking off the second season for the female-only shape crew of quattro Snow Park Obergurgl! The venture of the very first park being shaped exclusively by freestyle-savvy female hands has been such a big success that there was no doubt about round two at all. Another Girls Shred Session is thus of course part of the season 2016/17’s bejeweled entertainment program, as well as the “SNOWHOW Kids’ Day” again kindle kids of all genders with the spirit of freestyle.

Cat Nicol, already a #shaperess at quattro Snow Park Obergurgl last season will be park designer this year and hence responsible for a playful setup to make this freestyle-diamond sparkle again. The 26-year-old snowboarder from Aberdeenshire/Scotland cannot wait to head back to the Alps, her home of choice: “I feel fortunate to come back to Obergurgl this season as park designer because it's a fun park with a good location in the resort. I’m hoping to make this resort even more of a riding scene as last season. With the park being expanded this season, we shall see how things turn out.”

The popular setup of quattro Snow Park Obergurgl will once again sparkle and shine with its diversity this upcoming season. Kickers and boxes in varying sizes will decorate the beginner as well as the medium area. Rainbow Tube and Wallride Jib will continue to fascinate the crowd and the Lollipop Jib will again be an eye catcher this season. And we want to announce a very warm welcome to the new special obstacle in the park: the multi-box! The full setup can be found here, on the brand-new relaunched website – as well as in the park’s own app for Android Smartphones and iPhones!

+Click’n’Shred: New Website and Events 2016/17+
Exquisite, modern, user-friendly: The completely new designed quattro Snow Park Obergurgl website provides both snowboarders and freeskiers even better this season; surf through the most important park information, the best stories, a detailed set-up, current conditions, shred weather and much more. The best photos and videos of various sessions are of course part of the potpourri as well as all facts about the upcoming events.

On January 28th, all shred queens of the season will be invited to the Girls Shred Session to celebrate the very first park that is shaped by Girls only once more! Some weeks later, Cat & Co. are going to set the stage for the groms: The SNOWHOW Kids’ Day on February 17th is introducing park riding to our little ones. Safety and fun are the words in bold on that day at the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl.

To a great season 2016/17 with heaps of girls in the park! We also welcome “testosterone” but don’t even think about touching Cat & Co.’s shape tools!

For more information about the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl and this year's setup please visit FB quattro Snow Park Obergurgl.

Ski resort Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

Schnee- und Parkstatus


Snowpark Obergurgl

Sea level
2120 m
320 m

Located next to the ski lift „Bruggenbodenlift“ at 2120m above sea level, the park offers a varied range of opportunities. Challenging lines lead through a forested area, offering a lot of space for creative park design. A total of 22 obstacles will be available at the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl.

Down Tube 5m (Pipeslide)
Down Rail 7m (Rail)
Kicker Jump 4m (Kicker)
Medium Area Box Curved 6m (Box)
Flat Butter Box 4m (Box)
Kicker Jump 2m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kickerbank Butter-Box 3m (Box)
Lollipop Jib (Specials)
Rainbow Butter Box 6m (Box)
Wallride Jib 6m (Specials)
Tank Jib 4m (Specials)
Kicker Jump 5m (Kicker)
Beginner Area Butter Box Flat 4m (Box)
Beginner Area Butter Box Up/Flat 6m (Box)
Medium Area Jump Funbox 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Box Down 3m (Box)
Medium Area Special Multi Element, Downrail, Flatrail, Down Industry, Wallride 6m (Specials)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Rainbow Tube 8m (Pipeslide)

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