Pleasure Diedamspark – Get ready for the season 2015/16 - Diedamspark


Pleasure Diedamspark – Get ready for the season 2015/16

01/08/2016, 09:08
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Summer is finally over and the new season is waiting in the wings. It is high time to get your winter equipment ready and be prepared for the best time of the year. As in previous seasons, snowboarders and freeskiers will find a nice park setup at Diedamskopf at the popular Pleasure Diedamspark. Here is a first glimpse on what to expect from this year’s setup.

In recent years, the Pleasure Diedamspark has evolved to the number one spot for all freeskiers and snowboarders of the Bregenz Forest region. The reasons are obvious: Park designer Yannick Reich and his crew will shape the park on a daily basis. Only natural snow is used to present the 33 obstacles on a 430m lengths run in the best condition possible.

A setup for beginner and pros

Thanks to the new area that was added in the previous year, the park offers even more sophisticated elements on various levels of difficulty this season. Looking for new challenges, beginners and professionals will have the opportunity to take advantage of the features in 3 different areas. While in the beginner area there are 2 to 5m tables, the medium area is more challenging. In addition to various tubes (down / flat, flat, down) and some rails (down / flat / down, down), the shape crew will again build some special obstacles like a t-bone wallride.

Those who set the bar higher should pay a visit to the advanced area, which offers tables up to 11m, and thus guarantees enough air time for nice tricks. It's up to you whether you prefer to improve your skills on trails, tubes and boxes in the jib line or want to fine-tune your tricks on one of the 12 jumps. In the largest snow park of the region, everyone will find the line that suits his style and skill level.

The Chill and Destroy Tour powered by Planet Sports 2016, of course, comes back to Diedamskopf. The first tour stop takes place on 9 January 2016 at Pleasure Diedamspark – and eventually, the "Final Shred" will turn the park in a contest arena on 2 April 2016.

If you need a break, there is the possibility to relax in the park’s own chill area – make yourself comfortable, just grab a sun lounger and watch the other riders shredding the Pleasure Diedamspark.

Still not motivated? Watch the freeski and snowboard best-of from last season. For the latest updates, check out the Facebook page regularly and take a close look at the park website. We will inform you as soon as the park opens.



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